Ottawa RedBlacks. Yes !!The Big White R is Back.

Yeah baby, THE BIG WHITE R IS BACK. Thank you, Jeff Hunt and OSEG. You've been listening. They are even bringing in Russ Jackson and Tony Gabriel to kick things off. I had suggested these two as team ambassadors a while back, so they are paying attention. I'll be there with my #18 Jeff Avery 1981 Grey Cup worn jersey. WOOOOHOOOO !!!! :cowboy:

Nice logo with the vintage R :thup:
I remember that 81 Cup game; interesting to watch. Great comeback by Edmonton I recon.

I'm pumped.

Unfortunately I wasn't invited to the unveiling event (not a PIN holder), but I think the leaked pic looks amazing, the name is unique and fresh (grows on you tremendously).

The stadium is gonna look fantastic.

Ottawa is gonna be a helluva sports town in 3 years.

Hey hey hey. Nothing is set in stone yet. For all we know, this could be a decoy, leading to the revealing of the real name:Chaperones :slight_smile:.

Love the look and name. Can't wait til next Saturday!

.... and lookin' fine on these lids! BTW, that's matte grey; not silver!

take that top helmet, add a white cage, and white stripes on both sides of the red stripe, and you've got an instant classic :wink:

Can't agree with you on the white face guard on a black helmet, Drummer. I'd hafta' meet you half way and go grey.

But, the stripes look OK!

Good work Honey Boo, I'd like to see it on a white helmet myself.

I like the top one too. Modern and retro at the same time.

Looks a little too Montreal Concorde-y! And white lids look brutal with black jerseys.... which I'm hoping the team'll go with!

Now that I see it, I have to agree with you. Thanks for doing it. Looking forward to the unveiling today.

I like the logo. But hate the name. They'll always be the Rough Riders to me. Go Rough Riders!

I hate the name, but I went to the event and it was terrific. People wall-to-wall, they had kids fro the youth clubs on stage with Rough Riders alumni (including a guy I was dying to meet, Alex Saunders. I believe he played in the 40's. Wow).

If you avoided this in fear that RedBlacks would be the name then congratulations, you've just kicked yourself in the nuts. I don't think there's ever been such a celebration of Ottawa football, even when the Grey Cup game was last here.

The RedBlacks are only a Grey Cup away from everybody loving their name. Well, not fans of the teams that they beat!

Just got back from the ceremony, had my 1981 Grey Cup #18 and #65 game worn jerseys signed by Tony Gabriel, Mark Cohon, Mike Sutherland, Jeff Hunt , I already had Russ Jackson's, Whit Tucker's, and Bruce Walker's autographs. I'm going to have to frame this thing before something happens to it. LOL ! They handed out these cool little footballs with the RedBlacks logo. I have to say, I really like the logo. I can't wait to see the uniforms and the helmet. I got myself a hat too. Time to retire my Renegades stuff. The ceremony had a real Rough Riders feel to it. Tony Gabriel is a real gentleman, first time I've met him.

That dude was pumped, eh? You'd swear he just caught the winning pass in a Grey cup game against Saskatchewan.

For example.

Congratulation Ottawa.
Build the stadium, fill it up for every game and have a winning team.

Who should the RedBlacks first opponents be?
I’d hope they kick of the 2014 season in Ottawa against the riders or argos.

Hamilton Tiger Cats :rockin:

I would guess Montreal as the league probably wants to revive that Labour Day classic rivalry.