Ottawa Redblacks WTH?????

I am hoping someone out there can explain to me just what in God’s name the Redblacks’ management was thinking? Bad enough they lost Harris – who in any case, has been the most inconsistent QB in the league – but to lose Ellingson, Powell and Rogers all in one day is just too much to wrap my head around.

I keep hoping that the ORBs are going to pull some ace out of the hole but I don’t see any prospects.

This is a depressing start to the 2019 season.

Someone out there please tell me a happy bedtime fairy tale story to bolster my spirits…

I don’t understand it either.

Maybe Eugene Melnyk has bought the RedBlacks :wink:

Marcel Desjardins did the right thing by moving on in regards to those players.
The 2015-2018 era has now come to a close.He is now setting the foundation for 2020-2024

REC’s Noel Thomas, RJ Harris, Seth Coate and Marco Dubois.
you may not know these names now but they got valuable experience last year.
RB - Powell was older and going to be replaced anyway.
OL - The RB’s have great depth and flexibility now.They will find a less expensive option
for the future in replacing Rogers.
QB - They will probably sign Jon Jennings at a reasonable price for the next two years.
He just needs a change in scenery.Elizondo’s system will help his game.
They will also select Mike O’Conner(UBC) in the CFL draft in the spring.He’s from the region.
You will hear more about him in time.

The RB’s are still a much better team than the Argo’s and AL’s.
They will make the playoffs.

Marcel Desjardins believes import receivers are a dime a dozen. Shocked he paid Ellingson the first couple times.

Ottawa has always been strict about not overpaying in position groups.

It will be an interesting test.

In the long run is a team better off spreading the small cap around or spending 12-13% of it on one player?

There once was this football team that gave away all of their good players and got little to nothing in return.

The end

This is true, overpaying for a player, especially an international can severely hurt a team. However, the one place you can’t mess around with is at QB. Harris last year, was one of the best QBs in the East and being without a solid QB can be a trip to the rebuild zone for a team, as even ones that do well are very prone to the sophomore slump.

Just be glad he didn’t get gifted to the Argos.

For reasons we may never know Ottawa may well not have been that high on him. Just as TO seemingly did not.

Thought Marcel & Porky Campbell had everything under control.

WTH is right!!!

Marcel - Kevin Glenn on line 1, Jonathan Jennings on line 2, Pinky the bombers #2 RB on line 3, Taylor Loffler on 4

Seriously, other than ex NFL hobos who haven’t been absorbed by the CBS subsidized AAFL who’s out there?

Not much I can assure you - HELLO BRANDON BRIDGE & the 4th stringer who doesn’t make the Montreal active roster!

Like most CFL execs, Porky & Marcel will just proceed as if nothing happened today! Cuz thats what they’re trained to do!

Or the culture Marcel has “built” isn’t as solid as the media would have you believe.

Everyone thought the culture in Winnipeg was immutable - at least until the bombers lost Jovon Santos-Knox, Suck Chungh, Matty Goosen (retired at 26), Taylor Loffler, Leggatt, Weston Dressler, Drake Nevis, couple more.

Bombers lost about 6 good starters.

But they signed Big Fish Willy Jefferson so things are OK in the bomb shelter!

Statistically, Harris had a good year but in my estimation, he was the most inconsistent QB in the league as were the ORBs in general. And this, I believe was a reflection of Harris. The guy chokes when the pocket collapses and more often than not, was unwilling or unable to run the ball, which is a must-have skill set for any QB in the CFL.

To summarize, while statistically, Harris was one of the best QBs in the league, my summation of his last season was that he was overall lacklustre and underperforming. I am not so much annoyed by the loss of Harris as I am of Ellingson and I would love to hear any explanation from ORB management. This whole thing is mystifying.

I can only hope that this is not the beginning of another bad-management-induced failed Ottawa ball club.

they are trying to be competitive with the Montreal Alouettes.

Jennings expected to sign with the RedBlacks. Gives some competition for Davis.

Now that a ‘name’ is coming to town. Is the sky still falling?

Porky Campbell is a very good QB whisperer, as good as any head coach in the CFL.

He coaxed some excellent performances out of a rather skittish Trevor Harris and managed to give Dom Davis some credibility after some so-so work in Winnipeg.

Harris’s main problem in Edmonton is 2 words - Jason Maas.

Harris ain’t Mike Reilly - he won’t sacrifice his body and run 20 yds into traffic or take the abuse Reilly can take - cuz Reilly is a big body - 6’3" and 235/240 who can still wheel at 34/35. Almost seems Reilly is addicted to running - obviously more to extend drives where Harris who isn’t totally immobile (like Kevin Glenn, Matt Nichols, Drew Willy, etc.) is reluctant to take off cuz of injury concerns.

Reilly was basically self-coached in Edmonton. Harris needs cajoling - and a hothead like Maas isn’t the best option for a guy like that. Jennings will fail under no-minds like O’Shea, Jim Popp, Maas, etc. but under Campbell I like his chances to resusitate his career.

Jennings signs for one year with Ottawa

I have a funny feeling that given this opportunity Jennings is going to have an outstanding year, I am looking forward to a QB that can get out of the pocket, scramble and and pick up 6 yard as apposed to getting sacked for 11.

He can do better with Ottawa than Montreal, Toronto or Sask, but he will need more help, not just Brad Sinopoli and RJ Harris

Now that’s funny!!! But True.