Ottawa RedBlacks Uniforms

I thought i would create a thread because i figured people would have interest in what they'll look like.

They're expected to be unveiled on May 6th.

And with Tuesday coming up, the RedBlacks decided to post a teaser of one of the jerseys!

looks like a close up of the name ‘redblacks’ on the chest of the visiting white jersey.

Yup . . . enough, though, to get me pretty excited for end of June. :smiley:

enough to not scare me away with some non-traditional look.
i don't see plaid :smiley:

Hence the closeup :slight_smile: Maybe what they're not showing us is that the rest of the uni is in plaid :lol: :cowboy: The only thing that is an 100% certainty right now,is that the colour scheme will be RED "n" BLACK :slight_smile:

I am surprised the jersey hasn't leaked already.

They have done a good job with keeping it secret.

Much better at preventing leaks since the name and logo leaked last summer. Lol

Teaser #2.

I kidn of wondered at the time if those weren't deliberate, to try to judge reaction.

Not much sense in doing that now. They're a little past the "no going back" stage.

Looks like they are going with the thick black V-neck.
I would have preferred a thin black stripe in the white V-neck like the tabbies' road whites.
Oh well.

what time is this big reveal tomorrow?

Looking good.

7pm EDT


I'm going tonight! Look for pics from @CFL_4_Ever

Thanks. Be sure to repost them here.

Teaser#3 helmet

Teaser #4 Shoulder patch.

Its Reebok! Dont' expect anything special...OH wait... They've put their ZigZag on the jersey :lol:

My tastes run towards the more traditional. I don't want them trying too hard to come up with something "special".