Ottawa RedBlacks Signature Jersey

Here is the RedBlacks Signature jersey :expressionless:
Pants have the name OTTAWA running down the side of the leg

It's not as awful as I feared! :stuck_out_tongue:

The helmet and jerseys don't match well though. And I'm not sure I dig that white version of the logo. But I do prefer having different colours for jerseys and pants.

Totally agree the white is a little daunting but like you say not as bad as I thought it could have been:wink:

And I guess they don't care about the fans reactions to the numbers with the saw blade cuts. They are easy to read from three feet but from your seats you really cant see if its an 83-85-86-88-89 as they all look the same :roll:

Side note: apparently they will use the jerseys and pants this Sunday at TD but not the helmets??

Yeah, the helmets aren't ready yet...Difficulty with that colouring process, I guess.

I feel the same about the numbers. they're alrady tough to read, so let's make them a quarter of the size instead.

Hey, maybe it's so no one will know who got penalized! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I have to disagree. These are horrible along with that helmet. And I thought Sask's was bad. These guys are going to look like buffoons when they step on the field with those ugly helmets. If Hunt wanted the plaid motif so badly,why did he not call them the Lumberjacks or Les Bucherons. The logo in the front is just too much. White numbers in the front may have made them presentable, but admit it these are atrocious. Plaid helmets. Give me a flying break. :x

And now I see they have some fake poll going where 45% of fans prefer this piece of garbage to the other two uniforms ? It's all marketing bullshit.

Well, I only said that I expected even worse. I really thought that we were going to get a jersey that's plaid throughout. At least they kept it to the shoulders only.

Also, in addition to not being crazy about the white version of the logo, I had a closer look and it looks like it was stitched in a pre-school (or a sweat shop? :expressionless: ). The red circle the logo rests on looks cheap.

anyway...I'll wait to see the helmet in person. Not usually my kind of deal, and I can't imagine that it'll find its way onto my desk. the logo should be on it, maybe then it wouldn't be quiet as bad.

Well, I certainly don't fall into THAT category. I've grown to like the black version far more over time, but the white probably a little less. I think we just saw so much of it early on that I just got tired of seeing it.

Wow, that's interesting...Only 39 votes so far, and I voted black, but I'm surprised at how little love the white's getting. I guess people either love the simplest or the gaudiest.

Black Home 49%
Red and Plaid Alternate 46%
White Away 5%

Total Votes : 39

I'm going to keep an eye on this throughout the day, for kicks.

With just over 100 votes, the white's starting to gather a little more love. Still far behind though.

Black Home 42%
Red and Plaid Alternate 43%
White Away 14%

Total Votes : 104

When you have 2 horrible uniforms and add a third, of course the third uniform will gather votes - there isn't a good choice to vote for.

I agree 100%. I can live with the plain blacks and whites, but the Plaids are embarrassing. The Stamps are going to laugh at them on the field. And the RedBlacks are applying to wear them for three games. :oops:

Rouge et Noir office staff hard at work voting for the plaid helmet?

The uniform is not terrible (plaid still a STRANGE choice 0- and yes I do get the marketing tie-in) but the helmet is a joke (IMO).

The helmets need the logo - without anything on it they look bad
IMO it’s the same as Saskatchewan’s new helmets :thdn:

The RedBlacks need to take a look at Edmonton's Signature helmet and make the R that size on all of their helmets, especially the black one. I love the look of the EE helmet. Nice and big and you can see if from anywhere. The big white R with the big white numbers. :cowboy: :thup: That's what the RedBlacks need. Then I'll shut up !!!! :slight_smile: