Ottawa REDBLACKS pre-season game dates announced

June 14 vs Saskachewan, June 21 vs Montreal.

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Bah. I was hoping it would be one I could attend. Bad enough it's all the way out there, it's on my wedding anniversary, too.

Ah well.

I wonder how that will work? If it's Ottawa's home game then I assume that they will get the revenue from the ticket sales.
Ottawa would pay the stadium rental and set up costs etc. That may be the best scenario in terms of revenue for a pre-season game. Obviously Hamilton was out of the question, Toronto has problems getting dates at the RC and drawing crowds for a pre-season game. The other Ottawa pre-season game is in Montreal so the only other choices were going out west for a game.
Hamilton has a similar problem, I'm sure they will have a game in Toronto but where will they play their home pre-season game?

Honestly, trying to make them the home team just seems stupid. Unless they want to duplicate the days when the Rough Riders and Renegades got booed at home.

I wonder if they thought about going east to Quebec City with the Als?

Oh, thanks a lot Hunt. That means, those who bought season tickets, like myself, get ripped off one game. I thought my season tickets were for regualr season and 1 exhibition game. why not have it in Montreal, at least Ottawa fans could drive there like they did in 1966 when Lansdowne was being rebuilt. Are we going to be compensated for the lost game ?

No, you're paying for nine games. Pre-season was never part of the deal. The website is actually pretty clear about that (being for nine gmes).

My apologies, I didn't realize it. I stand corrected. I still think it should have been in Montreal. It's in driving distance at least.

Oh absolutely. to tell yo uthe truth, the 9-game thing didn't jump out at me first either, at the time, because you tend to only think about regular season.

So watch: They say ticket prices aren't going up next year, but there'll be an extra game. They're going to get critisized for "lying" to people.

Agreed. In the past the Rough Riders / Renegades would play a home and home vs Montreal in the pre-season . They could have given Montreal both home pre-season dates with one of them having the REDBLACKS as the "home" team. They could have sold that 10th game and use that to cover stadium costs for that game. They could have organized a train trip or bus trip there for season tix fans.

I'm a little shocked given OSEG's creativity and inovativeness towards marketing its product that having a home game in Sask is all they could come up with.

That would have been far more marketable than this crap of us being the home team vs Sask. I mean are we really the home team here?

How do you know that Ottawa had a choice? I don't think Ottawa would have told Montreal that we want both games in Montreal. Montreal is playing in Hamilton on the 14th of June. The Als don't control Molson stadium.
It's more likely that the CFL came up with the schedule and with the situation in Hamilton and Ottawa there would be few choices. Hamilton has to play their came at 6,000 seat MacMaster stadium.
It's not perfect so why crap on OSEG? it's just a pre-season game, I could understand the concern for a regular season game.