Ottawa RedBlacks or Ottawa Rouge et Noirs

"We went through this ONE YEAR AGO when fans were asked to send suggestions.
Can we just let it drop now - get over it! The debate is over."….mikem

RougeNoir = RedBack

Who's debating anything?
Time you got yourself another enema Scrooge! :thup:

  • Try reading the opening post. You might gain a clearer understanding of the thread. I happen to rather like Les Rouge et Noire. It has a very nice sound to it and I don't even speak French. The only one trying to start a debate here is YOU. I really don't think it is your role to dictate what I might want to call a particular team.

Now Mr. Bobo… "Are we looking at black squares on a red background or red squares on a black background? Take your time Mr. Bobo. Take your time."

Reality is not your strong suit LMAO!

Ottawa is an officially bilingual city, as the capital of Canada. Large franco-Ontarian population; the French language is definitely important in the city, particularly in the civil service. Not really sure how or why anyone would choose to argue that point....

Because we still have old bigots in this country.

Yes RougeNoirs is "tongue in cheek", it's Ottawa 80% Anglo where English is the working language. Ottawa is in Ontario not Quebec, there are no language police telling businesses that they must have a French or bilingual name!! The NHL team is the "Sens" , the junior team is "the 67s" University teams "The Ravens" and the "The GeeGees", in fact a GeeGee is a British name for a horse, hence their logo a horse. The baseball was "the Lynx" The NASL team is "The FURY" ALL English names. English names, not French, not bilingual.
You do realize that the Senators market themselves as les Sénateurs d'Ottawa in French?

Lynx is also a bilingual name so you are wrong on another account.

I'll be calling them the Saw Blades. :wink:

or River Blades.
which maintains the "R" logo and in reference to the Ottawa/Gatineau River.

(I know, I know, it's RedBlacks....get over it already tangledweb)

I am a hr from ottawa and I am hearing sawblades quite a bit. LOL

Maybe SawBlades will stick as a nickname, just like:

Alouettes - Larks
Argonauts - Boatmen
Tiger-Cats - Tabbies


Sawblades, eh? . . . I like it. :thup:

I always assumed their nickname was going to either be the colors or the lumberjacks.