Ottawa RedBlacks or Ottawa Rouge et Noirs

For the record CFLers I've never liked the name "RedBlacks". Don't take it personally Otttawa fans. I'm delighted Ottawa has finally got a CFL team again. Nevertheless, like everyone else I will get used to the name.

I recently saw the name RougeNoirs pop up. I do not know if it was being said tongue in cheek or used in a more serious context but it got me to thinking. When I heard it a couple of times I took a shine to it. I rather like the name. I'm not French Canadian so that is not the reason. I think what it is, is that it has a more regal ring to it. There are many French words that have a certain elegance to them. I'm wondering if over time more and more people will refer to the Ottawa RedBlacks as the Ottawa RougeNoir or Ottawa RougeNoirs?

Anyways, I was wondering how you might find yourself referring to the new Ottawa franchise so I created a poll. [There is no right or wrong answer by the way]

Officially the RedBlacks are known in French as "Rouge et Noir".. For whichever reason, it was seen fit to add "et" in French while excluding "and" in English..

if they look like this, the name doesn't really matter to me:

What did people think when their teams are named after the colour of socks you had on that day? Did anyone think the expos was a great name at the time, I doubt it. Look at teams names at least this is original and start winning, it will be a great name.


It’s funnny because I read a lot complaints about UNoriginal it is. Sure it’s just the team’s colours, but there’s still no other name like it.

Anyway, to actually answer the question, I’ll probably use Redblacks most of the time, even when speaking French. It’s what I’m used to.

Now I know a number of guys who are buying the French merchandise specifically because they prefer that version of the name. But hell, they’re buying the merchandise, so that’s what’s important, right?

RedBlacks. If I deviate from that, it will be Red Riders.

Is there a third option? :lol:

Hey I like that one even more! It has a great ring to it and flows so smoothly.

Rouge et Noir. I love it. It even has the all Canadian "eh" sound in it. It doesn't get better than that. :thup:

I knew that question would be asked. :roll:

NO! lol

Oh oh….. they would have to start wearing little red hoodies and carry small baskets and …….ooops sorry. Wrong story. :roll:

I don't care if they're called the Ottawa Reincarnations, I'm just glad they are back....... Rouge et Noir does sound nice though, but I do have a little of Gomez Adams running in my blood.


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You've done it again Bobo8224!

Still would have liked the Redhawks.

I do like Rouge et Noire. Has an exotic ring to it for an English speaker.

However, Red-and-Blacks isn't bad, either. Has a classic ring to it--will still sound fine in 50 years, unlike Renegades, for example.

We went through this ONE YEAR AGO when fans were asked to send suggestions.
Can we just let it drop now - get over it! The debate is over.

Yes RougeNoirs is "tongue in cheek", it's Ottawa 80% Anglo where English is the working language. Ottawa is in Ontario not Quebec, there are no language police telling businesses that they must have a French or bilingual name!!
The NHL team is the "Sens" , the junior team is "the 67s" University teams "The Ravens" and the "The GeeGees", in fact a GeeGee is a British name for a horse, hence their logo a horse. The baseball was "the Lynx" The NASL team is "The FURY" ALL English names. English names, not French, not bilingual.

OUCH!!!!!!!MY EYES!!!!!!THAT HURTS!!!!!!!!CHECKERBOARDS!!!!!!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8)

For what it's worth, they're officially les Rouge et Noire on the team's French site. Guess they don't want to alienate that 20%.

Nor should they. What they're doing is smart, and it dosen't come at the expense of the fans in Ottawa proper. No problem with that.

Heading out to buy a Christmas present for my dad this weekend. He prefers the French name, so French name he gets. Nice to have the option. :thup: