Ottawa RedBlacks logos leaked

3 possible RedBlacks logos leaked: ... story.html

I like the maple leaf logo :thup:

should be a black football on the lower half

? It is a black football on the lower half!

Really ? ya I guess, the white line needs to be in there.

That is one pissed Lumberjack. Not a fan of the saw blade.

All he needs is cigarette and WeeWee

Very uninteresting, imo.

Looks like the Sun has a few more listed:

[url=] ... way-online[/url]

Why does every new pro sport team logo for a team from Canada have to have a Maple Leaf associated to it?!

Because it's, patriotic, and it's Cool 8)

Yeah, really. It’s kind of annoying.

Well, it is the Nations Capital !

I think the name is terrible. Logo too busy and expect the new matte black on the helmet that is everywhere in the US. Hunt owns the team so it is his privilege to call it anything he wants...

Damn right. No matter how much I detest the name, settle on some variation of the first logo with the leaf/football blend and I'll be all over it (or rather, it will be all over me).

the helmet on the far right is the helmet they should go with regardless of the logo they choose, IMO;

Love it actually, very sharp. :thup:

for those interested, construction pics of lansdown have been updated:

[url=] ... wa/stadium[/url]

Absolutely awful name. I'm disappointed that after all this time, Hunt is going with a name that not only sounds ridiculous, but manages to insult two ethnic groups at the same time.

.....RedBlacks....certainly not a name with a lot of 'pizzaz' but colourful nonetheless....No other team in the league with a 'colour in their handle...................Oh.. wait a minute :lol: .....Don't mind any of the logos but more importantly will the Ottawa fans like them :wink:

So, are you saying everytime the word “White” is used (assuming you’re white) you’re insulted??! Political correctness b/s! I guess you’d want Edmonton to change it’s Eskimos name? And Hamilton and BC? (Aren’t tigers and lions on some endangered species list somewhere?)?? What about Calgary? Those cowboys at the Stampede sure are abusing towards those horses? So Stampeders should go too? And Winnipeg?? How can a team be named after something as violent as a bomb?? Bombers name should go too then? :frowning: