Ottawa RedBlacks. Like or Dislike? Poll

Curious to see what Tiger-Cats' fans think.

It's grown on me, and when you consider the french name will be the Rouge et Noir and Ottawa is the capital and far more bilingual, it works. Just wish the logo was more then a letter though.

100% positive.

As RedBlacks doesn't mean anything, it's hard to dislike it.
I don't associate it with anything else.
If they use the classic RR look, it will get lots of approval quickly.

Terrible name. Football is an aggressive war-like sport. You would want to have a name of some ferocious predatory animal or something else that exemplifies power. It would be easier to market the merchandise also.

ottawa Klingons maybe

You mean RougeNoirs.

I like it. It's not like similar names have not existed and become iconic before ...

Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, New Zealand All Blacks, Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Blues, Rouge et Or (Laval’s Red and Gold), Syracuse Orange and Cleveland Browns, ...

Besides ... It translates to Rouge et Noir which was my suggestion from day 1 so I'm happy.

It's crisp, clean & classic. I think it'll do we'll. besides, when they select a different name & logo, which they had to legally, they can sell retro merchandise in addition to their new stuff. It's why the Winnipeg Jets changed their logo to something new. They increase the size of the pie rather than try to just get a larger size of the pie.

And who are we to complain or split hairs or point fingers at? Tiger-Cats? When has a Tiger never been a cat?

It's like when someone orders a "Chai Tea" ... you mean a tea tea?

Or The Los Angeles Lakers? You mean The The Lakers?

Imagine how'd we make fun of teams named the Raven Birds or the Seahawks Aves or the Panther Cats or the Jaguar Felines or the Patriot Fighters or ... I could go on forever.

We Tiger-Cats fans should be the last to point a finger or debate a name. We have ours and its iconic. Lets allow them to have the same opportunity.

None of those names are similar to RedBlacks.
They're all actual things/people. Except the Rouge et Or which at least doesn't smush the two colours into one made-up word.
Reds is shortened from Redstockings.
Blues are named after the music, not the colour.
Orange were the Orangemen/Orangewomen until they went gender-neutral.
Browns are named after Paul Brown, not the colour.
And a country's national team nickname doesn't count as a "name".

If there were previous teams named the Ottawa Reds and the Ottawa Blackened Catfish you might have a point here. But there weren't.
Maybe they should be the Ottawa Rough-Rens.


Redstockings, Red Sox and White Sox are the same, they just explicitly point out that it refers to the colour of their socks.

Love this name... actually, I think its ok... but that makes it leaps and bounds better than any brand new sports team name I've heard anybody use or even suggest in the last 20 years.

I know I'm in a minority here, but I like the name, "Nationals." Ottawa is the one city in the country that

would be suited to this name and the name flows nicely when one says it. "Ottawa Nationals."

This terminology is also conducive to English or French speaking Canadians.

I think it would play well country wide.

Maybe just the Ottawa CFLers would do the trick.

Nationals is actually a decent name rocky.

For "R" names, I liked the following:


I just can't wait for the first game between the Ottawa Redblacks and the Hamilton BlackYellowsWithALittleRedAroundTheNumbers.

Terrible name, doesn't relate to anything real. Names like Tiger Cats, Lions, Eskimos, even Alouettes and Argonauts, can be related to as objects or symbols that we know of. How do you create a team logo around RedBlacks? I can see them sticking the same old "R" on the helmets or maybe "RB" Either way the name doesn't represent anything other than the color of their uniforms.
There is another angle to this: because this is the seat of government, and they always have us in the red, it could be they are hinting that one day we will be in the black. yeah.....right!

At first I disliked it, but now that we've been living with it a while, I'm kinda liking it. :slight_smile:

So, you only like "real" names for teams. OK, what exactly is a "Tiger-Cat" then? FYI - its a made up name too!!! (comes from the Hamilton Tigers and Hamilton Wildcats teams merging). Try to find a reference to a Tiger-Cat ANYWHERE but the CFL and get back to us.

Here is a reference for you:

tiger cat

  1. Any of various small wild felines, such as the ocelot, margay, or jaguarundi, that resemble the tiger in appearance or behavior.
  2. A domestic cat, especially a tabby, having markings like those of a tiger.
  3. A spotted dasyure (Dasyurus maculatus), the largest carnivorous marsupial in Australia.