Ottawa RedBlacks . . . just not meant to be

As everyone that visits this Forum will know, the Tiger-Cats' final 2 games of the season will be played versus the Ottawa RedBlacks.

The 2022 CFL fortunes for both of these franchises certainly turned out much different than either team envisioned coming out of Training Camp. Professional Football Coaches will never use injuries as an excuse for a losing record . . . but the fans in the stands certainly can ( . . . & do).

The Ottawa RedBlacks will end up playing the Tiger-Cats 3 times this season, after these final two games are played. These were supposed to be major barometer games for Shawn Burke & his staff to determine how his new team measures up against his old team, the best team in the East Division. It was not meant to be.

The RedBlacks' fortunes turned negative in Week 5 of the season when Jeremiah Masoli suffered a season-ending injury late in a game vs. the Saskatchewan Roughriders in Regina. That injury dealt a fatal blow to Ottawa's chances. Coincidentally (& somewhat ironically), the manner in which Saskatchewan's coaching staff handled that situation seemed to deliver a fatal blow to their season as well.

That injury also robbed Hamilton Tiger-Cats' fans of a much anticipated Masoli vs. Evans matchup at THF the following week. That was not meant to be either . . . we will have to wait until 2023 for that possible matchup.

And in the meantime, the Tiger-Cats 2022 season was derailed as well . . . partially injury related:

  • as I have pointed out in earlier posts, the Tiger-Cats did not field what were supposed to be their best 5 O-Linemen until Game 5 of the season . . . (coincidentally the home game vs. the RedBlacks). That was the first game where Revenberg, Fontana & Woodmansey were all in the lineup at the same time. Two weeks earlier in Winnipeg, none of them were handed a helmet !! Anyhow that did not last long because Chris VanZeyl sustained (what appears to be) a season-ending injury the following week.
  • and the 'Cats have had their own health issues at QB, including a short stretch when both Evans & Shiltz were not available on gamedays. Some are suggesting that Dane Evans is still not 100%.
    I could go on, but I won't.

And in the meantime, the Tiger-Cats developed a tendency to gift turnovers to their opponents, which contributed to several 2ndH collapses prior to Labour Day.
So here we are, with two end of season matchups versus Shawn Burke's RedBlacks. Not exactly what we anticipated at the start of the season. But the Tiger-Cats have won 3 of 4 games since the Labour Day debacle, and these are meaningful games after all of that!!
Go 'Cats.


TiCats are going to have to win at least 1 of the 2 games against the RedBlacks or Ottawa will win the 3rd place playoff position.

Cats presently have 12 points to Ottawa's 8 so 2 wins by Ottawa ties the teams in the standings and gives them 3rd due to winning 2 of 3 seasonal games.

A few weeks ago many Cat's fans thought it would be a relatively easy 2 final games but not likely now considering RedBlacks last few games vs Montreal.


And, winning "at least 1" won't be enough, for the TiCats, to make the playoffs if SSK manages to beat CGY twice.


A good summary. I would add that the off season loss of Banks, Acklin and Davis had a bigger impact than expected


No more losing. We have lost enough this season.

Sports is interesting that way...sometimes you beat the teams you weren't suppose to beat (higher in standings) and lose to teams you should beat (those with lower records)
In 2010 NHL playoffs; Habs (finished 7th) beat Crosby's Penguins and Ovechkins Capitals (Both of these teams were ceded at top of NHL) and went on to lose to Flyers (who had finished 8th)

So hoping that the Cats can win both games and keep the winning streak against RBs going.

And yes, Masoli vs Evans would have been great; just as watching Colloras vs Hank was great; watching Colloras vs Mosoli/Evans hasn't been that enjoyable. :frowning:

I definitely agree that Jaelon Acklin has been missed all season. His career trajectory is still pointed up.

But I don't agree with the others . . . in my opinion, we held onto Brandon Banks for one season too long. I am not claiming that there was any evidence of that before the shortened 2021 season, but in hindsight, I believe that is pretty clear. I love Speedy B; it is difficult to admit when a veteran like that moves past their "Best Before" date, but in his case I believe that occurred at some point during the season that never was, in 2020.

And with regard to Ja'Gared Davis, he was huge for the 'Cats in the playoffs last year. But does it make sense to give a player a big Contract when they are entering the "waning" part of their career?? Ja'Gared may be capable of repeating his performance from the playoffs last year, but we have not seen any evidence of that so far, in my opinion.


Ja’Gared has had a good run recently after a slow start to the season. He now has 6 sacks, only one less than both Malik Carney (who hasn’t even been a starter for much of the season) and Howsare with 7 each.

Worth $225k?


Not if Sask wins just one game against Calgary.

RRs need to finish with MORE points than Hamilton to trigger the crossover.

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Elks QB Cornelius is out for the final game against BC, as per 3DN report today, QB Ford will start, giving BC Lions a good shot of knocking off Elks , Stamps would then be 3rd in West , if Riders can’t win this desperate game for themselves in Regina …..I’ll be shocked……

So CGY might rest their starting QB
Their back up QB is Bo Levi, I seriously doubt he is going to tank the game.

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Or they might watch the game film this week and decide Maier could use a few more reps before the playoffs.


if we can't beat the RB's back to back, we don't deserve any sniff of the playoffs.


R&B’s have a good team , we won by a few points in our first game , they almost knocked off Winnipeg in the first game of the season with Jeremiah M , they knocked off Als in Montréal and were winning against Als last game ,I see us splitting the series with them…..


No Stamps would never tank ,no one is saying tank, unmotivated maybe…..resting a few banged up receivers etc

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Calgary may start their 3rd string QB. Kind of insulting for BLM to be starting games in garbage time.

Then again BLM may play to demonstrate his abilities for next year .....for another team.

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I think the shock factor has worn off. We have a large enough sample size now to see what the Riders are all about. They are 2-9 in their last 11 games.

They were not desperate enough to beat the Cats last week in a MUST WIN GAME for the final playoff spot. The Riders are what their record indicates.


Riders lost to a better TiCats team , playing at home Saturday will have different outcome , more interesting question is how good are the Ottawa Red Blacks ?

Are you saying , Pappi White was a better fit for the cats then Banks?? and that Davis would not have made our defence line rush better during the season ?
I respect your opinion, but I disagree because I have said it all season, and I am sticking to it. ....this year was a money dump by the Cats ..... the cup is in Hamilton next year, and thats when they will spend the money to win it in their yard, .. and I will go out on a limb here and predict ... Bob Young will sell his portion of the team if they do if they do win it..

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