Ottawa RedBlacks are the hottest ticket in town!

1991 wrote : " I bought a ticket from a scalper for $10 in the 200 level right behind the Argos bench ".


You post reams of paragraphs on how passionate you are in regard to the Argo's and what a cheap/poor owner Braley is , and THEN you turn around and say you buy scalper tickets! What kind of passion/support for your team is that ?????????

This , ultimately, under minds any crumb of credibility you may have had left.

The Argos clearly have a ton of fans. The TV numbers indicate that. But I will say this, as somebody who over the last ten years or so has gone to about 100 Jays games, 25 or so Leafs games, 50 or so Raptors games, 15 TFC games, 10 Rock games, two of the Bills in Toronto series games, three International Bowls, and about 30 Argos games over those years in Toronto.

Of all those games if I was asked to provide a list of the ten most apathetic, quiet unengaged crowds of all those games I attended - Argos games would totally dominate that list. Have there been a handful of Argos games where the crowd was engaged - absolutely - but I’ve got to tell you even as an avid CFL fan - lord it can be dull going to an Argos game when you compare the energy of the crowd to any other crowd in Toronto or a CFL crowd in any other city.

And that is part of the problem. You wouldn’t believe how often I would have friends who would go to their first Argos game and when I would talk to them later they would say it was so dull they left at the end of the 3rd quarter. And that isn’t the fault of the CFL game - it was because Argos games were so often just devoid of any atmosphere or energy. But you can’t just blame Rogers Centre for that alone. I went to lots of other events there well short of sellouts when there was a fantastic atmosphere - even for the odd CFL play-off game. But man I’ve got to tell you the difference between going to just an average regular season game in Hamilton compared to going to one in Toronto was literally like night and day.

Hopefully that changes DRAMATICALLY with a move to BMO and Argos fans find their on switch for games there. Either that or hopefully the move brings some new, young engaged fans to help make going to a CFL game in Toronto fun again. Because for too many times recently it just hasn’t been.

Argos clearly have a ton of fans? I not to sure about that I don't think you can just look at the t.v numbers to say they have a ton of fans. Sure if you look at the jays,raptors,tfc there numbers might not be as high as a Argo game but you have to take into consideration that the Argos only play 18 games a season compared to jays 162 games,raptors 82,tfc 40 plus games, a football game more important and bigger deal to watch then the other sports. As well with the other toronto teams they are mostly regional games that are only watched in the specific area where a Argo game is watched through out the country when you are a cfl fan you tend to watch all the games and not just the one team in your city.

I agree 100% that fans can't just point the finger and blame Rogers centre for the Argos poor support. I have been to many games in the past were the atmosphere has been great in the rc especially a few years back in the 2004-08 seasons where they were getting the crowds in the 30,000 range. There was never a place where i wanted to be more so then an Argo game in the summer with the roof open. That has not been the case the last few seasons since the poor ownership of the Argos have taken place that makes going to Argo games depressing. Fans of this team have got to stop pointing and making excuses for this team in how they are perceived without looking at the guys who have been running this team.

Do you think Mikem changed his name to 1991agro ?

I've been thinking the same thing, actually.

The RedBlack's Facebook page has posted a picture of Burris wearing a practice jersey at their mini-camp.

The most interesting take from the photo is the number font on the jersey - pretty cool!

Maybe it looks better from a distance, however it looks like a botched # 7 to me.

Speaking of mikem. I don’t miss him one bit 8)

I guess they're trying to duplicate that chunk that's carved out of the R in the logo. It may not work as well on certain numbers.

Well it is the off-season...

Mind you I've probably posted more this off-season than the 6 previous combined. Normally my last post is in November and I don't post again until June. This off-season has been more...interesting...than usual....

Seems they crossed the 150,000 mark in season tickets, 20,000 for the first game. 15,000 was the sort of "stretch goal" that Hunt was shooting for and they've got it with a couple of months to spare. Nice. :thup:

Uhm...15,000 season tickets.... :oops:

Otherwise, it could be argued that they are fudging numbers. :wink:

Over 20k sold for season opener. Awesome stuff.

I hope there are some left when single game tickets go on sale. I want to be there for the first home game.

Please correct me if im reading this thread incorrectly…Ottawa has sold 20,000 season tickets.

Outstanding achievement if so, I’ve heard the other football team in Ottawa, Ottawa FC (NASL) is having some issues selling seats for their first half of the season been played out of Keiths (something like 1000 seasons, opening game is this weekend)

Hamilton is going to have to cap their season seats…sold just under 16K. With a capacity of 22.5K i believe they will cap at 17…lets hope they get there.

Heard the argos are fast approaching 853 season seat holder ; )


Well, not yet. :wink:

They sold 15,000 season tickets, but they had a separate deal you could buy tickets to the home opener and two other games on the schedule. So they have 20,000 in total for the first home game.

Here's the official announcement.

OTTAWA - The historic first home game of the Ottawa REDBLACKS is nearly sold out, three months ahead of the big day.

Well over 20,000 seats have been sold of the 24,000 seats available for the July 18 opener at the refurbished TD Place for the Canadian Football League team's 2014 season home opener against the Toronto Argonauts.

In addition, the club has surpassed 15,000 season-tickets sold, a goal established last fall by Jeff Hunt, President of Sports with Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group

Over 1,000 season tickets have been sold in the last three weeks.

"The response from our fans has been absolutely tremendous. To be able to reach that goal a full three months ahead of the opening game speaks to the great passion and yearning our fans have for the CFL," Hunt said.

"I thank the fans and I thank the efforts of the OSEG staff who have worked tirelessly to provide excellent service. We're going to continue those efforts right through the 2014 CFL season, with the Ottawa 67's and with Ottawa Fury FC for the years to come."

Season tickets are the only way fans who have not secured a seat to ensure a presence for opening night, one of the most anticipated events in Ottawa sports history.

Great seats are available, starting for under $180 plus taxes and surcharges by calling 613-232-6767, ext. 2, or at the REDBLACKS website at

You hot to hand it to Jeff Hunt and Co. for their execution of a very successful marketing plan in Ottawa. A long abused fanbase deserves an ownership group like Hunt's.

Hunt is as good an owner as they could ask for. But, to be honest, if they don't sell the place out for their first home game that would signal (to me) that there is still much to be done to build the fan base.

With 20,000 tickets sold to the first game by April 17th and taking into consideration, that individual game tickets don't go on sale till June , I think there is little doubt that the opening game will not sell out .
In fact I would be willing to predict that at the end of the first day that individual game tickets go on sale , there will be none left for the opener ,............. As of now , they have only 4,000 tickets available.

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