Ottawa RedBlacks are the hottest ticket in town!

Sounds like things are getting off to a good start in Ottawa!

[b][i][u]CFL[/u][/i] Ottawa RedBlacks are the hottest ticket in town![/b]

With more than three months until their first home game at TD Place -- part of the magnificently spruced-up Lansdowne Park project -- the RedBlacks have already sold more than 14,000 season tickets.

"Fourteen thousand is another great milestone and in my mind, there are so many milestones ahead," said OSEG president of sports Jeff Hunt. "We continue to get tremendous traction and interest. It's really amazing.

"We're ahead of where we thought we'd be. I had been saying we hoped for 15,000 season tickets as a stretch goal. But 12,000 was kind of what we thought we might be happy with. I have a feeling 15,000 is in our not-too-distant future. And it makes me wonder how far we can go."

The team unveiled its stadium food menu Monday, announcing a partnership with Levy Restaurants -- and fans are in for a treat.

It starts with the Create Your Own Caesar cart. Food items include the RedBlacks Dog -- a premium hot dog topped with 14-hour smoked brisket, pulled pork sliders, garlic parmesan fries, a barbecued rib and duck wing combo platter and lobster mac and cheese. There's a heavy slant on local ingredients, including St-Albert grilled cheese.

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This is the stuff I like to hear! Good work by the ownership group there in Ottawa! Jeff hunt is doing a great job out there promoting and getting people excited for cfl football in Ottawa. These are the type of people we need more of in the cfl. Not guys like David Braley who will just sit around all year doing absolutely NOTHING and hire brain dead idiots like Chris rudge as there CEO. If I was commish I would get rid of those two clowns from toronto and be on a search for a guy like Jeff hunt ASAP!

You are absolutely pathetic. A good news story like this and you have to use it as a platform for your tired, worn out and totally BS refrain. Why don't you just go away.

It's great to see what is happening in Ottawa. Looking forward to making a trip there this season to catch a game. I lived in Ottawa for four all to short years and always thought Ottawa was a better football market then alot of people gave it credit for.

I agree whole-heartedly! Looking forward to going up for a game there myself!

Born there ... returned for University ... returned again during the tech boom for business.

For the majority of my single digit years, I wore a Tony Gabriel #77 long-sleeve T-Shirt & little faux plastic helmet with a BIG R drawn on the side in felt marker! (Much to my grandfather's disappointment ... TiCat season ticket holder ya know!?!?)

And don't forget ... Moe "The Toe" Racine goes into the HOF this year as well! (Neighbour of ours back in the late 60's/70's)

Can't wait to see guys like Moe & Tony & Whit Tucker & Jerry Campbell up there amoung many others! These were my heroes growing up hanging around the pool parties & festivities @ the Racine household just next door!


I'm just going to start throwing out random topics to you just to see how you can relate it to your nonsensical David Braley rants.

First topic - The Missing Malaysian Plane


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:thup: LMAO ! So true ! This was a great forum, now there is only about a dozen or so that regularly post and they have pushed a lot of people away :roll: SAD !! I very rarely come on here anymore :thdn:

yup. what they said

Don't let a couple bad apples spoil your enjoyment of this forum. We don't know the ulterior motives of those who continually post negative or critical comments about the CFL or its personelle. Don't let them win. There are shills and hucksters on every popular forum. We have to look beyond that, just ignore the negative ninnies, with the goal to preserve and promote our great game! :thup:

but you're a troll, so it's great that you are posting here less often.
you seem to have taken mikem with you.

LMAO!!! Aw come on d-god why can't you and tc23 kiss and make up and play nice for a change :wink: and speaking of mikem,he has seemed to have done a dissapearing act lately,haven't heard from him in here for awhile....perhaps he's in the witness protection program down south :slight_smile:

Mikem's last post is showing as February 22. His last visit to the forums was March 18.

Hopefully no human tragedy has befallen him or his loved ones but the financially successful, universally praised Bills-Toronto Series was "postponed" (cancelled) March 5.


Yep, Mikem is observing a period of mourning with the death of the Bills in Toronto series, despite selling 52,000 tickets at an average price of $250 for every game. :wink:

The Bills series never sold 52,000 tickets. They hit in the neighbourhood of 52000 seats the first 4 years when they were giving tickets away to fill RC. After they stopped giving away tickets the last 2 years AND even further dropped the ticket prices, they just surpassed 40K tickets 2 years ago and failed to get to 39K last year even though they publicly guaranteed they would surpass 40K. And, except for the Redskins-Bills game in 2011, each successive year the attendance has gone down from the year before. 52,000 at $250, LOL. If they were able to actually do that the series wouldn’t have been canceled.

It should never of happened, The CFL must stand up and say NO if it is ever tried again!

Going to see a CFL game at the Sky Dome (which was built for Canadian football and MLB) and seeing NFL propaganda all over with no CFL signage was unbelievable !

Congrats to Ottawa and welcome back.

He was being sarcastic in his reciting mikem’s claims.

D'oh! My incredulity over someone actually drinking mikems cool-aid made me blind to the winky smile which should've been the giveaway. Whoops.

Amazing to see how everyone likes to take shots at the bills in toronto series which I agree was a total failure and I hope to never see the nfl ever come to canada again! But hasn't the Argo situation been way more of a disaster and total failure in how they have been run then what the people in the bills in toronto series have done? I remember going to an Argo game against winnipeg last year in where an Argos win was to clinch first place and there must have been less then 10,000 at the game I bought a ticket from a scalper for $10 in the 200 level right behind the Argos bench and there was nothing but empty sections all around me with not a single person sitting in any of the seats. After the game when the Argos clinched first place I remember standing up and clapping thinking how pathetic of a situation it was for the Argos. I think there is no comparison the Argo situation is way worse then anything to do with the bills in toronto series

Attendance last year for the Argos, especially coming off a Grey Cup, has to be a big concern. The official attendance figures ranged from a little over 18K to a high of 35K, their best figures of the season bolstered by strong turnouts of Ticat fans. And that's official figures, not actual attendance. The scheduling didn't help matters with a bunch of games midweek on Tues and Thurs and a stretch of 4 straight on the road that helped keep push them further in the back of people's minds. They have 3 and 4 game road stretches again this year which sucks but hopefully moving most of their games back to Fri/Sat/Sun will help attendance. Also if Rogers/MLSE are seriously looking to take over the Argos in the near future, there's no time like the present to start rebuilding the Argos fanbase. Hopefully they will be more actively involved in helping promote the games, even if it's something as simple as some signage to promote game days to start.