Ottawa redblacks are just a bad team

I did not think we could possibly suck this bad, but we do. Not easy being a fan in the nations capital. we have once again officially hit rock bottom and then some.....


Yup. I'm not sure what to suggest. I mean, why not give Arbuckle the start next week. That might give the team some sort of spark. Money Hunter might be back in the line up. That could help on D. I'd also like to see returner Terry Williams to be utlized more often into the offense, not just on special teams.

But the big question is will LaPolice be replaced?

This team is FULL of talent. the Exception is the :clown_face: calling the plays. LaPo does not know what the hell he is doing. His play calling can be done by a 6 year old. His time management would kill anything going on, he challenges legal plays and loses time outs? Sorry, I forgot he playing Evans after doing absolutely NOTHING in last two games and gives Arbuckle 6 and half minutes and 3 scores behind??? IMO OSEG did not do us any favors during the Bye Week. THAT was perfect time time to replace the :clown_face: with the ball boy.

Ottawa, What happened?

They have plenty of talent, but I really feel that LaPolice has lost his way. Though he has never found his way in Ottawa to begin with.

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Did you not watch ????? LaPo is a dhead and couldn't call a play to get out of a wet paper bag used by RedBlacks fans for the last 2 years. Until he is gone this talented team of players lost in his stupidity will NOT win another game.

It was obviously a rhetorical question.

I know but taking a shot at LaPo the dickhead leading this shit show was also rhetorical

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I did not think we could possibly suck this bad, but we do. Not easy being a fan in the nations capital. we have once again officially hit rock bottom and then some.....

Things won't improve until there is a new coach and a new QB. The team has tuned out the coach and are just going through the motions.I will not go to another game if they contiue to start Evans-He is not a CFL caliber QB.
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I don't get Lapo's failure to adjust with game management .

Evans has had accuracy issues for some time .

The time he did well and was successful he used his feet and the running game complimented a passing attack .

Why stop .....

So if your good at something why did you stop ........ . If you know what works why are you not doing that style of game .

A big disappointment .

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Because LaPo cant coach.

Yes I did. I expected the RedBlacks to be competitive this season. I'm perplexed by their level of play. I expected better from LaPolice, but when he was OC for Riders in the 13th man Grey Cup game shows he doesn't pay attention to the small details. He could've counted the number of player s on the field, not just Kavis Reed

They're a QB away from being good.


I think the same. They just need to use Arbuckle the same way the Elks used to use Wilkinson and Moon back in the day. Wilkinson started and got some rhythm in the offence and Moon saw what schemes the defence was using and walked into an offence that was confident and moving the ball.

Confidence seems to be part of whats lacking from the offence for the most part.

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I agree, When we lost Masoli I knew the season was done, but held out hope we would at least win the odd game.


..and its why I was giggling inside when everyone talked about the Elks QB situation when we had 4 qbs. NEVER count on making it through a season on one QB in the CFL.

Because you are only as good as your backup.....and most backup's problem is that once the offence stalls they lack the confidence in the huddle to inspire and get it moving again.