Ottawa REDBLACKS 2014 Season Ticket Pricing

The club seats are great value yoi get all home games to Redblacks and Fury/free parking and food and drinks plus private bathroom and a club.

Not cheap but great for corporate reps with expense accounts.

If you add it all up with parking and food its really not all that bad.

That's around $320 a ticket for the club seats, I hope they sell them all that would be a good money maker. Not sure how many club seats they are selling, in Hamilton there are 1,000 club seats with an average of $180.

I am not sure it is right to charge for soccer games as part of one's Football Club Seat Ticket much would a REDBLACKS club seat holder save per ticket/per season if the Fury ticket price was not included ?

In Hamilton, a top of the line, " Club Seat per season" is $1750.....taxes in.

That is often the price of being in the club seating. I know in Saskatoon if you want a Box at the Credit Union Center you are required to get Blades tickets and so many tickets for all of the different events/concerts they hold there, so for Ottawa to bundle the two together is really not so bad. (disclaimer: I might be completely wrong on that CUC Box thing, but that is what I have been told by people who work for firms that have said boxes)

It will come to offer and demand but I can't see a big market outside the business community that will pay 12 000.00 a year for a pair. I think the steal are the 47.00 tickets.

Hfx......I don't think its $12000 for a pair , its $6000 according to the price chart.........which is still quite a bit seeing how Hamilton is $3500 a pair for the best seat in the house and with the same benefits /perks.............The soccer tickets are a detriment in my view and I hope Hamilton never bundles the two if they get a team.

Pretty good price ranges really.

There are 920 club seats. They are on the high end, but I would do the same for the first year at minimum it should not be an issue at that price. Go a season or 2 and see how it goes. That said, Ottawa should be the easiest place in Canada to sell Club and Box seating.

I think the prices are a steal compared to NHL prices - look at the Senators prices in the lower bowl the cheapest lower bowl is around $150 and there are 41 home games!! The Leafs are just as bad.
As for REDBLACKS Club seats they do look very expensive, if the only way to get the Club seats is if you have the Fury tickets too, I would be looking at selling my Club seat for the soccer games.
If there are 920 Club seats at an average of $300 a game that's the equivalent of a crowd of 5,500 paying $50 a ticket. Who needs a 30,000 seat stadium!!

Sections Z & K, would love to sit there for season seats! Im one of the strange few that loves end zone seats! Stadium looks good in a virtual way!

It would not shock me if the club seats sell out well before the season starts for exzample soccer Canada is based in Ottawa i could see them buying some seats same with football Canada.

"Bundling" tickets seems to be fairly common. For my season tickets in Calgary, (not club seats, but none the less season tickets) I also get tickets to all the U of C Dino Games and the Calgary Colts games. Gives me or my friends the opportunity to not only see professional football, but the potential future players as well.

My company has box seats for the Flames games ... they get tickets for every event in the Saddledome as a result. This works out good for the employees as we can always try get the tickets from the company for concerts or events (I got the monster truck show a year ago and was able to take on of my grandsons to the show with great seats). On the other hand ... the bosses get all the tickets to the Flames games :roll:

Personally I think it's a good idea!


Bundling works if one lives next to the stadium or in that city or your company has tickets they can write off , in my case I am 200 km away from Hamilton and it is a challenge to get there at the best of times for every game ( especially in the summer ) as I am 600 km away during those times . I try to support the CFL to the fullest and do , but soccer , if in the future they try and bundle my club seats and charge me more aint going to happen.......

Did I miss something? I don't see suites, just Club Seats. If that is the case, why did they not build suites? I always thought that suites were the cash cow for stadiums.