Ottawa Red Blacks GM Press Conference -Where Listen?

Does anyone know if the Red Blacks' GM press conference will be carried live on radio? On Team 1200 right now it's Jim Rome and I refuse to listen to his schtick! 8)

Same question here. Checked the team 1200 but its the Rome show from New Orleans.

They are supposed to switch over at either 1:15 or 1:30.

Thanks Jeff, will tune in online. :slight_smile:

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Tune in

It's fantastic to be talking CFL football in Ottawa again! :thup:

If you missed it here is the press conference

I found the interview after the pres conference to be quite good too.

[url=] ... resser.mp3[/url]

What's next for Desjardins and Hunt ?

[url=] ... s-and-hunt[/url]