Ottawa RB's 2021

Thought I would open it up considering it looks like we are having a season . Not many RB fans on the site but a few check in once in awhile .

Lapo's teams always work hard . Definitely a rebuilding year and have low expectations .

Matt Nichols when healthy is solid and still has some tread left in his tires . They do need to find a good back up .


Been a while since we talked players and rosters. LOL

Bolduc retired, Sinopoli retired. not so worried about Nichols but more who he is going to throw it to???

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Hopefully not a repeat of 2014 with receivers missing easy catches and awful route running where they forget to get to the first down marker before turning .

RJ Harris, Dedmon, Aruago-Lopes all looked good last year, except they didn't have a QB to throw to them
Either Peterman, Anthony Coombs, Mat Behar to replace Sinopoli.


I noticed this report, and it's rather impressive that Ottawa had two backs with NFL experience, and each with quite the college and workout resumes as well, in camp and one has left already to return to the US:

A week into training camp and the Ottawa Redblacks are beefing up their backfield with some NFL experience, signing running back Justin Davis on Friday.

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Don't forget about Klukas too. he's a good sign I think his ceiling is really high.

What about a low ceiling - the Redblacks have a running back listed at 5'1" and 208 pounds. Could be tough to tackle. Has the CFL ever had a player that short? or is it a typo?

He runs so low to the ground that in goal line situations he could crawl under some tall lineman's legs and sneak in out of view of the referees - interesting and bold strategy too.

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I'm no scout of course, but I could not help but notice the connection here to the new running back Justin Davis who is scheduled to report to practice today after mandatory quarantine.

The NFL Rams, where he had the most regular season experience after several NFL camps and time on a practice roster, have only one experienced back left as of this news today. Justin Davis has more playing experience than the rest in camp now, which is not much in the regular season:

Xavier Jones and Raymond Calais have never taken a carry in an NFL regular season game, while Otis Anderson is an undrafted free agent rookie.

I don't agree with the author of this article on the veteran prospects for #2 either, for they are all far more expensive though there are probably others. Could the Rams come calling back for Davis?

Alternatively as I feel is more likely, Ottawa may have found a real gem here.

1,000 Redblack fans at practice today

Good CTV coverage


Ex-NFL Running back, could be a good one

***UPDATE July 31 ***
Except he was released!

The RBs went with Coombs, Behar and Petermann as their National starters