Ottawa question.

While speculating on who Ottawa might chose in the GB entry pool, I though about whether or not the RedBlacks could potentially trade for an older Qb leaving them more options in their choices. Does anybody know if Ottawas would have the ability to trade prior to the draft?

This is something I thought of myself. If I'm Ottawa, I know I'm going to get two decent QBs, as I'm likely to snag a QB from Calgary and another starter quality QB (Collaros, Willy or LeFevour). Any of those QBs is a QB that I know Winnipeg's fans would love to have (and you'd think the team would to, but these are the guys who got them into this QB mess) so I could see a trade being made to Ottawa for one of their QBs (who would be alright backup QBs) and an impact defensive player.

They can trade Drafts and signed players. They can not trade expansion drafts.

Could they not make a deal with a team to trade a player that they pick up in the expansion draft?

They can trade to prevent taking a player in the draft.
Something I have been advocating for example with the Argos if they resign Zach and then make him available in the draft, my idea was to trade with Ottawa so they do not draft Zach.

its re-sign, not resign. re-up vs quitting. stop confusing me. :slight_smile:

um, that would be a trade, obviously. If the player is not available for expansion draft obviously they are not available, for any reason. Further, there is a restriction on trades post trade deadline and to expansion draft this year, so it is no longer an option....that is why the expansion draft is only 3 weeks after the GC.

After they pick them up, of course. They need to be a little careful with these back room deals though, or they will have a tainted image amongst CFL brass before the first snap.

Unless I'm mistaken, teams can make deals, both trading and re-signing their potential free agents, the day after the Grey Cup up until a week before the expansion draft (December 9th). For example, Collaros could be traded prior to the expansion draft. But he's also a pending free agent and might not be selected anyway.

Why would Zack want that ? Why would Ottawa want that ? Ok we'll take one of your lesser players ???
Anyway the ball is in Zack and his agent's hands. I think they will wait to see who is coaching in Ottawa, Winnipeg and any other city interested in his services and go from there. One thing is for sure Toronto can't afford to compete for his services with Ray,Owens,Kackert and the guys they want to add or extend. (Greenwood for example).

Is that one of the rules of the draft? I know that you obviously can't trade the pick away, but after you have chosen the player in the draft, the draft is over. Now I have said player on my roster, I can trade him like any other player. I mean, at some point as a pro-team I will want/need to be able to trade my players. When is the earliest you'd be able to?

And then there's the "future considerations" type trade. Team A trades a couple of players to Ottawa before the draft for future considerations, with a back room agreement that Ottawa will pick a specified player from Team B and send him Team A to complete the trade.

Would that be allowed?

No, future considerations need to be a member of the club at time of trade

OK, thanks. So any deals like this would have to be under the table, and frowned upon by the league and the other teams. As you said, not the best way to say howdy-do to the league.

Fair enough, but I'm talking Ottawa trading post expansion draft.

I mean, thh expansion draft takes place on December 16th, that's four months to trade players that you've acquired as a result of the draft before mini-camp starts. That's plenty of time to say "Hey Winnipeg, we have Drew Tate and Zach Collaros (who are the likely expansion draft targets). We will trade one of them and a 2015 draft pick for Enoc and one of your QBs."