Ottawa Quaterback?

if the Ottawa renegades were to return next year who in the leaufe would be there starting QB?

i think maybe Nelon Green, Marcus Crandel,or even Kevin Eakin :slight_smile:

I could see Nealon Green, Marcus Brady Or even Danny Mac.

haha i know you didnt ask but if they do come back there Running Back will be John Avery.

I can guarentee you that it will be BUCK PIERCE along with Casey Printers if he comes available. There is also a strong possibility if Dave Ritchie is coach he brings along Matt Dunigan to run the offense and Pierce and Jackson or Johnson plays in Ottawa.

Dickenson won't be dealt, so either Printers will join the Argos or play in Ottawa if Pierce doesn't move.

Dude you cant guarentee anything! lol

the gg,s have a good QB,Josh Sacobie - Ottawa 8 144 252 57.14 2094 8.31 261.75 18 10 49 11 89 (maybe it would be good marketing to have him in camp? he passed for over2000 yds in 2005

Dave Ritiche wont be head coach of the Ottawa team lol I say give it to that Jenkins guy that was gonna be the renagades head coach this year. The one that looks like Ric Flair. Hey how come no team picked him up as like a Cordinator or something?

Printers is in his option year THIS YEAR...hence he is in the NFL. He would come back to BC if he is cut from KC. For the 2007 season, he would become a free agent unless the Lions re-up him (which is extremely doubtful given the record of the last couple of years with the BC QB situation).

Therefore: with a new Ottawa franchise in the 2007 free agent pool, you would have a one-out-of-nine chance to guarantee anything. What the hell else is new? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Whoooooooooooooooooooooo! Space Mountain, Football Version calls a running play once a fortnight. Quarterbacks who play for him are often open season. He has a good imagination re the passing game, but as an OC he is not my cup of tea, or Matt Dunigan's, for that matter. Matt fired him during the 2004 season:

"...Dunigan gave Jenkins his walking papers. The move wasn't surprising as Calgary's offense under Jenkins was tied for seventh in scoring (131 points) and last in rushing (169 total yards or 28.2 yards per game). Dunigan said he was forced to make the move because the players had stopped believing in Jenkins' offense. Even with the heavy emphasis on the pass, it was evident the Stampeders didn't have the horses to make it work as Calgary was in the middle of the pack in CFL passing (fifth, averaging 321.7 yards per game)

But Dunigan should've known this was coming. Jenkins has quickly worn out his welcome throughout the CFL with his pass-first philosophy. What's more, Dunigan played under Jenkins and has seen this happen first-hand."

(Source: Fred Williams, CFL Editor
The Sports Network, ... 080604.htm )

I concur. Dunigan's career came to a concussed end while playing for Hamilton under Jenkins's offense. You need some semblance of a running threat in the CFL or one's QBs tend to be vulnerable.

Oski Wee Wee,

First off, if you are going to give a "guarentee" (sic), learn how to spell it or I will guarantee that you will have little credibility with anyone.

Secondly, how can anyone guarantee this as the rules for a revised franchise aren't known yet and secondly, one of the players mentioned is under contract in the NFL.

Third, and more importantly, there is no franchise yet or owners named that could lend credence to this "guess" of yours.

Isn't Jesse Palmer's father part of one of the groups trying to win the franchise?

Hopefully he works out better than that Feterik kid.