Ottawa Pt 1 Prediction Thread

Well here we are… Part 1 of the home and home.

The early spread has Ottawa a 1 point favourite. Meaning on a neutral field Hamilton is a 2 pt favourite or so.

It’s pretty much a pick em.

I’m going with a low scoring playoff type game where mistakes are at a minimum.

If I were betting on the game of take the home team because that’s what I normally do… but my gut tells me we pull it out.

Masoli doesn’t get 300 but doesn’t throw an INT. Green runs well.

Hamilton 20
Ottawa 16

I hereby renounce all my rights to make predictions this season. I have been brutal!

Its going to be a battle fo sure but I think the masoli->banks connection, masoli-> tasker connection will be too much for ottawa to handle. Plus Alex green. So I’m going Hamilton both games.

28 - 21
33 - 16

I think tasker is going to get them out of second and long and banks will get a few touchdowns as well
Masoli over 300 yards both games. More in the home game.

Ottawa was one of the teams that brought the QB heat last game against the Cats. If Masoli and JJ know how to deal with that this time then they will win.

Prediction: A whole bunch to very litle5 :)…but really, these will be close. …Ticats win both closely

Ward accounts for all of the Ottawa scoring again this game. Only difference is our offence puts up some numbers.
Ottawa. -12

RB’s have the one two receiver punch of Sinopoli #88 & Ellingson #82 !

Our Ti -Cats have Speedy B & the Tasker !

We’ve won two in a row ,they’ve lost last two games which makes them the mad cornered dog…

Tough to predict a victory over RB’s based on Ti-Cats having scored 66 more points this season so far .

Ti-Cats by 8 …

We will crush them! 8)

I’m kind of torn here. I’d love to see the Cats sweep the Redblacks, and finish first, but that means we would probably wind up meeting them again in the Eastern final. Three consecutive wins over any team (Argos excepted) is a tough challenge.

On the other hand, a split means an almost certain second place finish, depending on the games of the last week, and facing a cross-over team in the semi-final. Not an easy road either.

So, I guess we go with the sweep, and hope it demoralizes the Redblacks for the final. Besides, it has to be our turn for the football gods to shine on Hamilton. Let’s say Hamilton in a close one in Ottawa, winning by a TD, followed by a blow-out in Hamilton, the Cats winning by three TDs.

I do agree with the whole beating a team 3 times point, however if I had to beat them a 3rd time at home coming off a bye I would still take that over beating them a second time (in their building) and having to play a home game the week before against what will be a tough West opponent.

I'll take my chances with the 3 time thing.

I wouldn’t say that you have been brutal exactly , maybe just a tad bit mediocre is all BUT hopefully you’ll improve with the more predictions you make . :stuck_out_tongue:

You realize that if you just flip a coin to make your predictions that you'll (eventually) at least end up at .500. It's a can't lose proposition. ;D

Which about matches my prediction record!

I wouldn't bet the farm on that. The Western crossover will be pretty tough opponent.

First of all, I am happy we play in the east division, where we have a chance to get 1st place; with our record, in the west,we would be praying to make the playoffs.

Depending on weather, this will be a tough game; Hopefully JJ will not have a plan primarily to run the ball; like we did earlier in the season against back to back games against Sask.

Also, hoping Liram, will stop getti g those out of bound penalties and can be perfect in FG and EP kicking.

If we win, the pressure mounts for next week. If we lose, the pressure is off and we can start getting ready for the playoffs.

I have to regretably give this to RBs by a last minute field goal; as we simply have not been good against teams that are above .500.

Okay, here goes. Ottawa 30 Cats 17.

Thanks Garney, you made me snarf my coffee! :slight_smile:

Hamilton - 25
Ottawa - 20

Any predictions on how the QBs play?