Ottawa proves why the Bombers are a complete joke

Getting back on topic. Has there ever been a bigger redemption story in the CFL than Marcel Desjardins. The man was tossed out in a less than classy fashion in Hamilton who six, seven years later still haven't won anything and his 2 year old infant just beat out Hamilton out for the East and is the favorite to rep the East to the GC and the best is yet to come from that young team.

Since you can't win your argument you're going to cherry pick stats until you do win. Typical of someone who knows they've been beat. Argos alone are the best team in the leagues history. Most Grey Cups, best winning percentage in Grey Cup games and only 1 team has appeared in more games.

And in the big game;

Toronto against Calgary 2-1
against Edmonton 3-2
I rest my case.

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Do suppose he was a bigger reason for Montreal's success than perhaps people realized?

Not cherry picked, just the fact maam, just the facts. Toronto has only won 6 CFL Championships, period.

Pretty sad that you have to include the 10 Grey Cups Toronto won, prior to the existence of the CFL. You can't say that Toronto is the best team in the leagues history and include games prior to the league existing.

Your turn to cherry pick. :cowboy:

He was very, very respected in Montreal. They hired him right back... While some of us were sad to see him leave. He really deserved an opportunity to clear his name and I could not be happier for him. He really hasn't changed, he's not the kind of big personality Popp is. Was the perfect ying to his yang in a way. Another big piece who got his start in Montreal is Brock Sunderland. He's done a masterful job of finding import players that fit what the coordinators are doing. Powell has completely changed how teams have to defend Ottawa for example. On defense Mark Nelson wanted speed and he got him that in spade.

Argos are the best, can't be denied, record speaks for itself. I don't need to cherry pick, the Argos have the best Grey Cup winning percentage by a mile. Fact! They have the edge in Grey Cups against both Alberta teams. Fact!

No cherry's on this tree. Over to you. :cowboy:

Surely there must be a Toronto Argonaut hockey team your could include in the victories. Makes as much sense as including stats from the Ontario Rugby Union in with CFL. Again, just stating fact.

Despite being 5-11 in 1981, Ottawa actually should have won that Grey Cup against the Eskies outside of a total B.S. double pass interference call on Tony Gabriel very late in the game. If video review existed at that time, definitely would be challenged. Those were the years where the Edmonton "fix" seemed to be in. Remember my Bombers getting flaky calls against them in the 1980 and 1982 western finals too benefiting the Esks.

Actually the Stamps and Esks both had 14-4 records this regular season. Esks only get first due to 2 out of 3 wins against Calgary, and every game was close. Going to be a helluva Western Final! Think the Stamps prevail for Hufnagel's swan song.

And just how much depth has he built behind his starters? Face it, if Hank had been injured this season or if Ottawa had suffered even half the injuries to their starters that other teams like Calgary, Hamilton, Saskatchewan , Edmonton have incurred then this would likely be a very different story.
Desjardins has built a good team - no doubt (he didn't in Hamilton) but they have also had a great deal of luck going their way to stay as healthy as they have all season. And they haven't made it to the big dance - yet (which is not suggesting they will be there either).

Its a 2 year old team. Obviously he won't have the depth of some of the others. Even then getting back to Burris what he really would have like to have was Glenn as the backup be he demanded a trade.

??? The piece of the puzzle that makes this team is 40.

He is no ordinary 40.

To ensure a competitive team, expansion rules gave Ottawa unfair advantages that no other teams enjoy. Under same rules for all teams, Ottawa would be in bottom of east division. Historically, Winnipeg has been among the most successful teams and won more grey cups than Ottawa.

You mean like how the Riders and Bombers rebuilt their rosters when Ottawa folded?
The Kerry Joseph and the Ky Hebert. As far as I am concerned teams just paid what they took from. OTTAWA when they folded their franchise.

When the season started, he was one of five guys over 30, along with James Green, Justin Phillips, Malik Johnson and Jovon Johnson.

Ha! Tell yourself that if it helps you sleep at night!

Hey, I know it must be confusing to see an Ottawa team be well managed after 4 decades of the exact opposite. But if you look at their top performers, they are either experienced free agents, guys off the street, trade acquisitions or draft picks. Their success has very little to do with any sort of "special treatment".

It's just that now when guys like Chris Williams, Shaun Lemon and Damaso Munoz become available, Ottawa actually has a chance to sign them. They don't have an advantage aside from providing a good atmosphere and facility, which all teams should be working towards.

Abdul Kanneh and Jerrel Gavins are Eastern all stars that had no prior CFL experience before joining Ottawa. Anyone could have had them. This is true of most of their defensive backfield. And running back William Powell, for that matter. Aaron Whiteside, Jovon Johnson and Jeremiah Johnson were discards from other teams.

Ottawa's success is not the result of some unfair advantage. Please. You didn't hear me bitch and moan about the expansion process when the team was 2-16, at least be able to acknowledge some solid coaching/management when the team is actually successful.

The Bombers, unlike the RedBlacks, were never allowed to pillage other team's rosters. And you can't compare that with the dispersal drafts, because the Ottawa franchises never had to play without the players who were taken from them. The dispersal draft was an attempt to make sure that no one team was able to sign all of Ottawa's best players as free agents, thereby giving one team an unfair advantage. Unlike the expansion draft, which was set up for the express purpose of giving one team an unfair advantage.

But the reason for the expansion draft was to make Ottawa competitive right out of the gate, so we don't have to face yet another folded franchise in the nation's capital. It worked, and the place is packed. This is good for the whole CFL, and all CFL fans. The concern now is that their QB is a lot closer to being retired than being a rookie. When he finally hangs 'em up, or when his luck finally runs out, there is no capable quarterback ready to step in. A capable backup is a luxury that established teams have difficulty finding, and the RedBlacks haven't had a chance to put one in place yet. If no one is able to step in when the time comes, there could be a quarterback carousel such as we've seen in Montreal, and the weaker teams that result may have an impact on the attendance. If the Argos decide to stick with Ray next year, the RedBlacks need to make a serious pitch for Trevor Harris.

The Argos are a CFL team. The Argos have won more Grey Cups than the Eskimos. Just admit you're wrong and we can put this silly argument to bed. (And I can have a shower...Eww!)

Ottawa won't have a problem finding a Quarterback when Burris retires. The whole thing is first class. From venue, facilities, ownership, football ops and how they treat their players. Stadium is in one of the nicest parts of Ottawa. Players can even get a two or three together and rent a brand new Condo overlooking the complex. Ottawa is a primo destination and they will score themselves free agents again this winter.

Pillage, lol...Yeah, 7th and 13th best Canadians, 13th American, NOT counting free agents. It was like hitting 6/49! It was such an open door that Ottawa ran out of guys to take from Winnipeg and were forced into selecting Kohlert pointlessly.

Sometimes, the most obvious answer is the right one. Ottawa is better at the moment because they've been managed better. If Winnipeg thinks we got such a great deal, fold the franchise and come back under the same rules in a couple of seasons. Instant contender formula, just add water.

Funny, I don't recall these complaints about unfair advantages while 2-16... :expressionless: