Ottawa proves why the Bombers are a complete joke

Wpg has been a contender several times in the past 25 years. e.g. 2011, 2007, 2001 ...

Winnipeg had 3 wins in 2013 and have “built” to 8 over the past two seasons. He’s using Ottawa to show that building in a contender again in short order can be done and that Winnipeg has done a poor job of it since both teams began a building job around the same time (new coaching staff, GM, etc.).

The timelines are very similar but the results are not, hence the comparison to that team specifically.

Now who knows? Maybe, like Ottawa, one major coaching change goes a long way. Maybe Burris calls it quits after this year and Ottawa tumbles while Winnipeg goes the other way. There’s still a fair amount of this story to be written.

Agreed ,nothing comes to Winnipeg , that’s why the NHL chose Hamilton over Winnipeg … :wink: :smiley:

Which ones which ? I can't tell the difference !!! :lol:

The Bombers will be just fine, winning in pro football depends on staying healthy and although all teams get hit with the injury bug, it hit some harder and Winnipeg got hit hard this year.

The Bombers have a lot of thing going for them, good stadium, great fans who support their team despite the hard times and tradition.

Don't worry about the Bombers, they will be back and a power in this league.

Speaking of bouncing back but correct me if I'm wrong but flashback only 2 years ago to 2013 weren't your Eskimos a lowly 4-14 ? and now 2 years later totally reversed record of 14-4. It can be done Winnipeg , it has been done Winnipeg. Keep the faith If not for a few bad bounces here and there a few bad breaks here and there and you could have easily been playoff bound last season as well as this season. Believe me you are not as far off as you think.

But more often than not you can swim in mediocrity for a long, long time. You should know :wink:

LOL!!! Yup as us Cats fans like to refer to it as the " Dark Era " 2002-2008 Some of the Low lights from that 7 year stretch : :oops: :cry: ....missed playoffs in 02,03,05,06,07,08......made playoffs once...04.....record worst season..03....1-17....
back to back to back to back seasons of....5-13,4-14,3-15,3-15 from 05 to 08. Yup no doubt about it...CRAPOLA !!!!
But........Ya know what ? We survived , we got through it , things got better :smiley: and now all those crummy teams and seasons seems like a very distant memory. These things are very much cyclical and it seems like every team goes threw them eventually, some just take longer than others on the bottom of the heap. Not to worry HFX I have a strong feeling that your Alouettes and fan base are going to be spending sometime finally swimming in Mediocrity :smiley: It's your turn , deal with it :wink: Trust Me Bomber Nation you are not as far off as you think :slight_smile: You will rise from the ashes :slight_smile:Things will get better !!!!

So your educated opinion is that Winnipeg isn't far off but Montreal is ? :lol:

That would be a big YUP on that one :lol: I do have to give the Alouettes props though , you guys had a helluva run at or near the top in your 19 year streak of never missing the playoffs :thup: Sadly though as the saying goes "All good things come to an end" I think you can agree with me that a Major rebuild is needed in Montreal from top to bottom. I think that you're going to have a rough ride the next couple of years. I just hope the fan base sticks it out because let's face it the fans in Montreal are only with the team win or win and aren't used to seeing a losing team let alone a non playoff team. I don't know that they would be as patient as the fans in the Peg have been with the Bombers lately. Only time will tell I guess as to which team gets back to the playoffs first......Winnipeg ? or Montreal ? my money is on the Bombers. :slight_smile:

Not quite sure how I should know that. The team I cheer for has won more Grey Cups than any other CFL team. They lead the league in attendance nearly every year and they hold the record for the most consecutive play-off appearances. :wink: :wink:

I also have the luxury of living in a Province that contains the two best CFL teams. Where's the mediocrity in that?

I'm pretty sure that HFX was directing that comment towards me as a dig about my Ti-Cats not about you and your Eskimos.
You see his team is out of the playoffs this year and he's clearly not used to it but not to worry he'll get used to it real fast. :wink:

I didn't know you lived in Ontario. :cowboy:

Did you completely miss the part where this where I was quoting Bobo ??? Yes you did :wink:
But even Eskimo fans had a very long dry spell courtesy of Maciocia and Tillman.

Sorry, I guess I thought it was worth comment as both Bobo and I were quoted and I get used to being targeted cause I cheer for the greatest franchise in the CFL. :wink: :wink: :wink: Three winks that time to denote sarcasm.

There is similarities between the TiCats and the Bombers though. Nice new stadiums, great fans, storied franchises and both hit hard by the injury bug this year.

Please be joking , it's Esks , Stamps then everybody else , 15-3 14 -4 !

I'm a lifelong, avid, and sometimes over zealous Eskimo fan and Stampeder seasons ticket holder. Definitely Albertan.

Alberta - 20 Grey Cups, 36 Appearances
Ontario - 24 Grey Cups, 42 Appearances (just between Hamilton and Toronto alone)

Last 3 Grey Cups the east has been represented by Toronto and Hamilton (twice) with 1 Grey Cup. Better than the west with 2 appearances and 1 cup.

Alberta has a long way to go to catch up. :cowboy: :cowboy:


Actually if you read my original post, I stated that Alberta contains the two best CFL teams.

Depending on which source you listen to, the CFL came into existence in either 1953 or 1958. Since 1953, Alberta has produced 19 Grey Cup Champions compared to 18 for Ontario (with 3 teams). Since 1958 the two provinces have 16 Grey Cups each (again Ontario having the luxury of 3 teams.)

If you want to just compare Calgary/Edmonton with Toronto/Hamilton it isn't really all that close.

1953 CFL start - Alberta 19 vs Ontario 13
1958 CFL start - Alberta 16 vs Ontario 13