Ottawa proves why the Bombers are a complete joke

It took Ottawa only two years to do what Winnipeg has been trying to do for 25 years and counting????? That is why I will no longer waste my money on this team. I was once a long time season ticket holder but I got tired of hearing and witnessing the same old song and dance year after year.

I would rather see them fold instead of witnessing the embarrassment they have become. They are truly the laughing stock of the CFL.

This circus act must be extremely difficult for retired players like Chris Walby to stomach.

...Chris Walby can pretty much eat anything...

Ottawa didn't hire Joe Mack which saved them from this current fiasco the Bombers are trying to dig themselves out of. I'll go to the games next year, with a CUBS hat :lol: and enjoy an evening of tailgating with friends and tear in to the Bombers after the games. The streak has had some luck along the way with a lot of ineptness as well. 93, Duniggan gets hurt, otherwise we beat the Eskies ,2001, some how lose to the Stamps and 2007 would have been a route if Charlie Roberts didn't party the night before the EF and fumble all over the field finally leading to a Glenn broken arm. Charlie was also out boozing before the 01 final as well. I do agree the last 5 years has been garbage and we deserve better.

The Bombers tend to win their Grey Cups in bunches which means there's going to be long gaps in between. 25 years and counting since their last one in 1990 but they also won in 1988 and 1984. A 22 year gap before that to the 1958,59,61 & 62 binge.

Not saying its good for business but that seems to be the way Winnipeg does it. As long as we're comparing Winnipeg to Ottawa, let's not forget that the Bombers have won more Grey Cups than the Ottawa franchises combined (10 vs. 9 and Ottawa's been around a lot longer than the Bombers) and Winnipeg has been in the Cup final 24 times compared to Ottawa's 15.

Gotta see the big picture my friend....

Before throwing rocks at the Bombers, please take into consideration long term injury to Drew Willy. They were doing quite well and in all games when he played.

Where would Ottawa be if Henry Burris had been gone for more than half of the season? Possibly no better than the Bombers


I don’t think anyone say Ottawa going from a 2 win team to first in the east in one season.

The nice thing about a smaller league is one can turn it around in a hurry with a good QB and a bit of luck along the way.

I had posted earlier that I feel for the Bombers fans.

The frustration of the since 90 drought, but knowing you could have had 2 wins ( 93 - 07 ) had the star qb’s not been out.

I was at the 93 GC and was thinking , Dunigan would tear this Esk D to shreds.

As for 2001 and the Roberts excuse, it takes a team to win, not a star RB.
Kennard missed some FG’s and Jones was way off target.
Also , I would like to suggest that was a veteran team the young Bombers faced ( my Stamps ).

Bomber fans forget they were in in 2011. Over matched against the Lions is all.

The big mistake was firing LaPolice. He was a scapegoat.

Dunnnigan blew his Achilles out in the summer of 93, was done for the season. 2011 was a mirage, Bombers were 3 -7 to finish the year and were already crumbling. Bombers never had a chance.

There's always next year :lol:

At least your team never folded.
Ottawa & Montreal are tied with 2 a piece for that honour.

And after winning the 1976 Grey Cup the previous Ottawa franchise went 20 years without another then folded. In that time they won 3 playoff games total and all those in 2 consecutive years. In their final 14 years they were 0-7 in the playoffs and twice finished with a .500 record but never over.

Ottawa football fans have been hungry a lot longer than Bomber fans.

And they had the Gliebermans too.

And Winnipeg had Mike Kelly.

I'd say that's a wash.

The bombers need some of that Eskie secret quarterback sauce that allows them to introduce a new great one seemingly on demand. In fact, the Esks seem to be so continually rich in quarterbacks they can afford to schlep a great one off to Toronto every decade or so, since Toronto also can't seem to reliably develop their own.

They have a great stadium now (finally) that should help with recruitment, but I suspect they need to do some long-term work with the scouting department. That could take years to rework.

Hey DC, don't forget Horn Chen

Yah a new stadium should help recruiting but than there’s the whole having to play in Winnipeg thing that’s totally not helping…

:wink: :lol:

I think I had blocked that out. Ottawa has had more than its fair share of losers. I wouldn't be surprised if our own forum member *&# wasn't an employer during either of those glorious tenures. :wink:

Easy to forget Horn Chen, no one ever saw him! More people have seen Sasquatch than Horn Chen!

But he will never be forgotten. The owner of record when Ottawa drafted a player after he had died.

I don't understand the premise. Has Ottawa already won the Grey Cup and I missed the memo?

I suggest what he means is becoming a contender. Ott is , Wpg is not.