Ottawa Playoff-bound

Congratulations RedBlacks!
A playoff spot sealed up and a. 500 season at least.
Hopefully Ottawa can get a home playoff game as fans in Ottawa deserve to see November football more than any other fan base.
Good for you, Ottawa!

Nice sidebar is that now we can stop referring to the 9-9 1992 season as the most successful season of the past three decades. Get bent, Lonnie!

Thanks, d.g. I was actually hoping for nine wins this year after the receiver upgrade and the team may well surpass that. It's pretty awesome. :thup: Might seem pretty mundane for a lot of people, but for many of us, it's uncharted territory.

We all are excited to see the playoffs for sure but I hope we not only "make" the playoffs but "HOST" a game :thup:

Yea, too bad that last minute loss against the Argos a couple of weeks ago probably cost a home playoff game.
A win against the Bombers again and a sweep of the Ticats should guarantee a home game.

This is a good team; I don't see them losing their last three in a row to end out the season, so they should end up above .500.

They might not get that home play-off game, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised to see them beat out their East counterparts to get to the big game--will be quite the battle of Ontario on the gridiron!

I find it interesting that Toronto plays all three teams chasing a playoff spot in a row at "home".

Not that it seems to matter much based on this past weekend's performances, but at least they may all have something to play for.

I think the Argos are in the best position to finish first, they have three weak teams all at home to close out the season.
The Ticats have to play in BC and the Lions are desperate for a win. Then the Ticats have to play two games against a team with a winning record. I don't like their chances.
I think it will be the Argos 1st Ottawa 2nd and Hamilton 3rd

Ottawa has their 10th win with 2 games remaining. Very impressive!
Can finish as high as 12-6.
I like where this club is going.
Have they started selling playoff tickets in Ottawa yet?

The way Hamilton and Toronto played their last two games I'm thinking they could finish 12 - 6. Just have to beat the Ticats in the remaining two games and it doesn't matter if the Argos win their remaining two. Ticats have a banged up "O" line and Ottawa has a league leading 56 sacks.

Got my e-mail today as a STH, we get first crack at them tomorrow morning. :smiley: :smiley:


From Hamilton

All fooling aside, I think the series is gonna split and we'll see what happens at that point. I don't think any of us want to see TO get the bye.

Finally. After many years of suffering!!!!