Ottawa owners to be announced on weekend

Do not know if this is announced in your region but here in Calgary it was on the afternoon sports show. That there was a rumor of the coaches all be fired in Ottawa. However, that is being disputed and that new owners will be announced on the weekend or early next week.

Even with the Gliebermans still seems like a 3-ring circus!

it was just on sportsnet that jenkins WASNT fired and the sun newspaper made the whole story thats gotta give a little hope, cuz if they were fired, i think it would mean the gades are done for the season.

Well maybe the team will rise from the ashes. We all hope so as my CFL includes the Renegades.

Personally, coaches being fired is, to me, a sign that there's new owners coming in and cleaning house ... why would you bother to fire the coaches if the team's going to fold anyway?

Where there's smoke there's fire ... rumours usually lead to SOMETHING ... whether the news is good or bad (hopefully good!) is yet to be seen. But I really hope the CFL has found another kickass owner, a la Bob Young or Toronto guys, who can turn this franchise around and make it successful on the field, and even more importantly, off the field.

RW2005, do you know who broke the story? Was it Petrie? He seems to be pretty good.

I hope it's a skilled group from Ottawa.

I think the league might be taking over. That would be good news, because imagine how well a committee of Young, Cynamon, Braley, Wettenhall, etc. would run a team!

The best news is that I think they would only do this if an owner was set to take over, either mid-season or after the season ends.

I just hope we don't have to go through this again next year.

It was on the Fan960 this afternoon.