Ottawa or Saskatchewan this week?

Guys Ottawa Renegades or Saskathewan Roughriders this week? WHO WILL win?
Im picking Renegades 26 to 19

ottawa....dont know by how much, but they WILL win

Gades for sure. Maybe by 7 or 10.

Riders willl win. 24 -13.

like ottawa's ONLY gonna score 13 against sask's. horrid

calgary scored 44 on them
ottawa scored 21 on them ( for a win, i might add )
montreal scored 42 on them.....

yet, u say ottawa can only get 13?????

OTT 31 - SSK 22

In the last Ottawa game vs. Riders, How many points didOttawa’s offence score ? The defence scored on a interception return for a touchdown. So really the offence only put up 14 points.

but it reflects the struggles of sask. with turnovers.

if ottawa cant do it, sask. will hand them the game!
and the best response u can think of SURE


True, but this game will be at FC stadium.

and that means......

I hope Ottawa takes it. Joseph is a better QB then Greene.

ottawa all the way. my friend think the riders will do good because crandell may start. please. all calgarians know he was useless. except in 2001.

SASK. need some injuried people back..........Ottawa by 1.

27-19 for the men in green.

Ottawa will take this one as well.

Yup, Gades !!!

If the Gades offense gets it going early, this one could be a rout. From what I've heard, they're expecting a crowd of 24,000+, which should get Joseph and the boys rolling early.

im going to be a fence sitter and say it is going to be a tie 22-22

It's a loooooooooong season ... I see everyone jumping on the Renegades bandwagon all of a sudden (which is nice, I admit, since they could use it!) but there's still 11 games to go. I hope they win tomorrow, I hope they make it to the playoffs, I hope they host a playoff game! But all of a sudden, it seems like most everyone feels they can't lose.

Teams are starting to get wise to Ottawa being decent this year - and I really hope Ottawa can sustain that! But this week, Saskabush is coming off a 3-game losing streak, and they're gonna be mad. They've got a few players coming back, too.

I'm going with my gut here, and I hope it's wrong! But I think Saskabush will win.