ottawa-no return to cfl

Let's face it.Ottawa in not now in the CFL because the fans did not turn out in sufficent numbers to support the team.The final year there was definitely lack of owner support.But,in previous years the fans were lackling in quantity while the Renegades were a decent team.The Ottawa fans gave mone attention to their minor league baseball club.Over the years the Renegades never once filled the stadium.

Why the hell would anyone want to see a team that theyre best record in 5 years was 7-11? Is that what you call a decent team? Dont start blaming fans for not comming to see a crap team, cuz it was completely justified. It is 100% the owners fault so dont start blaming the fans cuz your sounding very stupid right now.

That's not entirely true. Yes, the football fan of Ottawa, regardless of the ownership fiasco had not exactly overfilled the stadium.
As of the AAA baseball Lynx, they are soon to exit stage right as well. Yesterday I read how their average attendance numbers were either at a paltry 1400 or 1700 per game.
Pathetic on both accounts and maybe they should not have a summer sport.

Ottawa also didn't have the benefit of the other teams bailing them out like they did Hamilton. But I think if your a true fan you support your team no matter what the record

Football is just another form of entertainment like any other, but yet these players are trying to make a living at it. They're human beings, not robots. They're not going to win every game as much as we would like them to. If everyone follows the logic that they're not going to go to a game for a team until they are doing well, then I guess that no one will show up when their team has a rough patch right?? How ridiculous is that?? If someone is a TRUE supporter of a team you stick with them through the bad times too, or else maybe that city and those fans don't deserve a team.

The more i hear bout this the more sadden i feel being a fan of this Ottawa team.

It's stupid to blame the loss of any CFL team on fan support. It's all about ownership. Look at what happened in Hamilton, Toronto, Calgary and BC once decent owners came on board. The organizations returned to respectability, and in 3 of those 4 cases, the teams started winning again. The fourth case, Hamilton, is the best example though! The team has been pretty miserable the last few years, and STILL fills the stands. In the CFL, good ownership is much more important than a winning team - although having both is pretty ideal.

I stand by my theory that if you put a good, committed, strong owner in Ottawa, that stadium fills up for games and the team returns on very solid footing. Everyone knows that the Gliebermen drove the team into the ground, and wouldn't accept any help - and then they stuck tom Wright with the bill 2 months before Training Camp opened. It's not Wright's fault, it's not the fans' faults ... it's the Glieberman's fault.

You know what? A prspective buyer or buyers will look at the fan base and how they react to going to the stadium. Yes it is not the fault of the Gades fans but if I were a prospective buyer I would say to myself. Ok this team needs to be productive right away but what happens say thre or four years and they miss the playoffs after success. The fans are going to stay home and I am going to have lots of losses.
I think if you go back to the success of the Calgary Stampeder Sale this was a factor when the new ownership bought. They saw the fans standing up to poor ownership 4 years of losing and still had sell outs. Seems to be a no brainer there.
Now with Ottawa yes they have gone for some time without success. But if you love CFL football you go to the games and hope things will change. That did not happen and this is the reason no one is racing up to buy.
You want football in your city you step up and buy tickets or lose the team. Ottawa has a good fan base but they really need to step up for a new owner or it will be gone for good.

But Hamilton had the worst attendance in the League when Young bought them, no sellouts or anything, and worse attendance than the Renegades ever had ... they even had terrible attendance after they won the Grey Cup in '99. I think the fan base IS there in every city, it just has to be brought out properly. Calgary's sellouts were really only for the Labour Day games and a few games against Saskatchewan. Ottawa doesn't have a Labour Day game to use for a guaranteed sellout, and I think their rivalry with Montreal should be exploited (renewed, whatever) with a Labour Day matchup, a la Tor-Ham, Ssk-Wpg, Cgy-Edm.

There's definitely at least 30,000 people in Ottawa who would pay to go to a football game on a regular basis ... it's the owner's responsibility to get those people to buy the tickets. It's not the players' or fans' responsibility to sell tickets .... it's up to the owner. If no one is buying your product, isn't it the fault of the owner?

Walking away from going to the games does not help sell football in Ottawa.

You support your team. My Detroit Lions have stunk on ice for decades, we still sell out.

More support to the Lynx? :lol: :lol: :lol:

An average att of 2K and repeated talk that they'll be moved.

There is a whole of reasons going back 20+ yrs for what happened to Ottawa football.

Fan support ain't one of them.

Funny, how people keep bringing this up while forgetting that Ottawa att was far better than Tor and Ham when they were going thru ownership troubles.

People who don't live in city or understand its history s/b last ones to be providing "expert" advice.

If the Gliebermans had bought the Ticats (SHUDDER)…there you go. Enough said.

Or even the Eskimos.

They're is no need to find blame about Ottawa's situation. If Ottawa wanted a football team they would have one. Simply put there is not enough interest in Ottawa to support a football team and there hasn't been for decades.

Take it as far back as the 70's when the Alouettes were drawing 60,000 fans to a game and couldn't make a profit due to equalization. Ottawa was always at the head of the line to suck off of the teat of succesful franchises. Nothing has changed to this day. Good riddance Ottawa, enjoy the Ex and tear down Frank Clair Stadium to open up some parking spaces.

Nice try.

If I was an Ottawan I'd be offended by that ... There are a million people living there, there are definitely 30,000 people available for each home game.

Hamilton, Toronto, BC, and Montreal are all teams in high-population areas that have recently had bad attendance, and who now have good to great attendance. WHY would it be any different with Ottawa?

I'm so sick of people blaming the fans. Look at what happens to your team when it's got crappy ownership. It's happened with almost every CFL team at some point - but for every city other than Ottawa, crappy ownership hasn't lasted for 30 years. It only takes a few years to drive a franchise into the ground. Look how quickly these other teams have gone downhill. Fortunately they've been saved quickly ...

I swear, I guarantee, I would bet good money on it that if the right owners came into Ottawa - owners like those in Hamilton, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, etc - the attendance in Ottawa would consistently top 25,000 by the 3rd year at the latest, and it would top 20,000 from the first year on. Consider that Saskatchewan only has about 23,000 people at each game ...

Again, if you're trying to sell something and no one's buying it, whose fault is it? The consumer or the seller? I'll give you a hint, it's not the consumer.

For example - who do you support?

Ya - then as soon as the early 80's hit they were getting 15 thousand fans a game (or less), changing their name after decades of tradition, and folding a few years later. They come back 10 years later, take their old name back, with a decent owner, and are now thriving. Sounds very familiar, dosent it...

Well, I went 9 years w/o my Als before they came back.

I know what went wrong there and with every other CFL franchise that has been on brink or actually hit receivership.

Close calls are one thing. Finality of having your team
disappear twice in a decade because of bad ownership/management and a circus atmosphere is no fun at all.

Ottawa should get a CFL team back, the CFL was there when other pro leagues (NHL) weren't, and it's a pity to see Ottawa and the league have this 10 year fall out.