Ottawa nickname?

I'm thinkin' a good compromise in Ottawa would be "Riders"!

It's what everyone used to call them anyway! And, the NFL huggers wouldn't be able to yak about 2 teams having the same nickname... blah! blah! blah!

But, I'd love to see the big ol' Rs on the helmets and a combination of tradition and new in the uni department!

I came up with this:

[url=] ... Riders.jpg[/url]

i like the helmets but not the unis.

i prefer this ( with your helmet design ):

i say, merge the history / records of the rough riders and the renegades, but still call them the ottawa renegades. and have them look like the old RRs....and in the stadium, on the jumbotron, have lots of references and videos of the old RR, so it feels like its all one team.

How about the Over Taxers :cry:

If the Ottawa franchise does re-emerge, they should be called the OTTAWA PHOENIX.

Ottawa 3rdTimesacharms?

The Ottawa Shaft has a nice ring.

nice uniform, like it all.

i also like the uni that frank d'angelo floated for his ottawa steelbacks when he got involved with his moneyman-sugardaddy frank sherman of apotex in trying to get an ottawa team.
it was black, red, white and silver and some of it was sorta shimmery. does anyone remember it from the steelback press conference? i had a copy of it but i think it got deleted.
that's one good thing the cfl bog did — steer clear of d'angelo...

Ottawa Rough Riders. :wink:

Oski Wee Old School,

How many times does a team have to fold before everyone realizes Ottawa won't support a team....

Ottawa Rough Riders

I like the unis!