Ottawa - next season??

Marty York states that it will be announced during Grey Cup weekend. I hope he's right.

I didn’t doubt the CFL would award a conditional franchise to Ottawa. The next step is the actual hurdle. City of Ottawa approving redevelopment of the park to private investors

this is really a great day. but i can't help but think that they mean 2009. the stadium needs a facelift, has anyone actually read that 2008 is the year, it can't be.

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It's been 2009 since the day this was announced. Marty York, true to form, heard about a potential announcement and ASSUMED it would be for next year.

Not only has this group said 2009 since they appeared, but Hunt was all in favour of waiting an extra year when he was fronting the Golden Gate bid.

Obviously 2008 is better but a positive for 09 would be a good thing to. It would be nice to have Ottawa listed as a city with a CFL team.

2008 or 2009. Does it really matter? As long as the team plays in a stadium that is safe, and the ownership is solid. I want to see the Renegades on the field again....I just want to see that a positive situation is there for the ownership and fans. A CANADIAN football league without it's nations capitol having a franchise is just not "whole". There could be twenty teams in the league, but without Ottawa, it's just not complete.

I think bringing Ottawa back for 2009 would be a smarter idea from a marketing stand point and making the team more viable but most importantly, it would give them more time to fix up that old barn. But man is this really, really awsome news.

I hope York is right. The Riders were well supported when the fans got a lot of crap football.

Considering the way the 67s r run I think Hunt is a great choice.

Just about River Raiders 4 a name? The team could keep the double R's tradition.

As is often the case, he isn't. The Citizen has a story today to the effect that things are at a standstill.

More's the pity. Sure hope they can get this together.

It would be interesting to go back and look up all of Marty's articles and do a chart of how many of his 'scoops' turned out accurate and how many were wrong. These come to mind:

He predicted, when Tillman was hired in Saskatchewan, that Barrett would be fired and replaced by Austin. He got that one right.

A few weeks or maybe a month ago, he said Maciocia would be fired in Edmonton and replaced by Greg Marshall. He got that one wrong.

Last spring, after Monreal traded Karikari to Toronto for Stokes, he called it a strange deal because Toronto promptly released Karikari and Montreal had "big plans for Stokes." Yeah right, those 'big plans for Stokes' turned out to be releasing him.

I came across a list of old articles of his once. I noticed that he peppered many of them with words like "Could" and "should" so that if it didn't come to pass, he could just say that he was sharing a possible scenario, not making a prediction.

I recall one about how Kurt Warner "could" find himself playing for the Tiger-Cats (IIRC).

Oh I think I see your point. So following that logic we can say that I "could" date Beyonce.


Nice of him to think of that "out" and good on you for catching it!

Marty York is seldom right. Don't get your hopes up.

Tell you what, heres the deal. If you can find me a bookie to take my bet, I will bet the mortgage that York is wrong. I will take my winnings and built a new stadium for Ottawa!