Ottawa *new owner*

This steelback guy is a joke. He is using the CFL season to market his brand for free.

HE WILL NOT BE THE NEW OWNER, even if the CFL wanted him.

He would be a big improvement over Loonie Glieberman though.

Why would he be a 'big improvement'? Because he has even LESS experience running a pro sport franchise than Lonnie?

Ottawa is doomed to fail a third time .. The CFL is wasting time, money, and respectibility by even considering going back to Ottawa for a third time.


The CFL needs to get Melnyk, and the mayor talking.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

I would be very suprised if we could find a good owner for the Ottawa club. Why ? in my own little opinion I thing that like ALMOST all the other professional sports team, the owner is some kind of ultra rich dude and is perception of his team is like a 10 year old with his toys. To them, their team is just a toy.

I think that one of the possible solution would be like the NY Jets or Giants (NFL) where I THINK the fans or the city is the owner.

Is EE or Sask team build that way... ?

Anyway, I really hope that Ottawa will find a solid owner and get their team back. I really do !

CFL Rocks

Ottawa and an owner, hmmm... hasn't this been discussed at some point before.


They'd love Frankie up there, nice clean living Canadian boy who likes a few brews from time to time I've heard.


Ya that might attract those 30 people who like brewing canadian kids.

Come-on Statik....You and I could do a better job than the Gliebermans! :wink:

Greeeaaaatt. Now all we need is a few million bucks, a welcoming government, 55 players, an entirely new corporate staff, a coaching squad, an upgraded stadium, a strong and supportive local fanbase, and a desire to lose millions more annually ...

And since none of those things are available in Ottawa ... i'm gunna hafta let you take this one on your own ...

Best of luck ...


Chicken! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think the best way to go is have an ownership group. Why then the losses occured over the period of time to build the team would be minimal for each owner. Also if you get a group you will not have the situation of an absentee owner or an owner that has a toy he can play with. The Stampeder ownership group is one that has shown success and will continue to show success! Why would this not work for the Ottawa team? Many NHL teams have this form of ownership as well and it has been successful! It would be great with Melynk as part of that group.

Its much more difficult to find a group of s^ckers, versus finding a single s^cker.

Even if you had a group of 10 owners - the fans still s^ck.


Thats probably why you cheer for the Bombers your in a dream world! The Ottawa fans need some love man! :lol:

did Steel boy get the job?

and one would think w/o the big piece tag now, the Senators Owner should buy the gades.

Ottawa should go the route of community ownership. It works in 3 CFL cities, Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg. If you have people who are willing to put a partial stake into the franchise , thats a good start. They you can hire support staff, coaching staff and scouts, with a little help from govt. Then you can go get players in a draft and maybe sign a couple of free agents. If they show the fans they are committed to reviving the franchise, and making it strong financially, then the fans will support the team.

Well, the thread isn't exactly breaking news.

Forget about D'Angelo.

As for a group --- you have a short memory. That's who the original owners were --- Watters, Smith et al. Look how that turned out.

As for community ownership, they tried that from 88-July 91. Those involved lost millions and club endied up getting sold to Gliebs.

Besides, a community ownership wouldn't fly in a city like Ottawa because it's "too big" for that. Local involvement in the ownership --- maybe. Local connection in management etc is prob more likely.

Sorry you must have understood me an ownership group is a group not two what to be owners. :lol: