Ottawa-Name, coach, QB?

with Magnum as Recievers coach. TC as runningbacks coach, and Orville as waterboy :thup:

finally, the riders have come back to...ottawa!
QB KERRY JOSEPH for 2 years followed by JESSE PALMER

put the cowboy on the horse back on the helmet.

city legend

Wow. QB. By 2010:

Allen will be done.
Calvillo will be done.
Dickenson will be done.
Maas will likely be done.
Crandell will likely be done.
Joseph may or may not be done.

Doesn't leave a whole lot of experience for the QB position for an expansion team.

If any of those qbs are on the Ottawa team it will be done.

I may be mistaken, but doesnt Horn Chen still own the rights to the Rough Riders name?

Possibly a french name dont know what it would be. QB Buck Pierce if available. Coach Wally Buono if available and making him the highest paid GM/ Coach ever.

Ya know, Allen could still be around..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ottawa Hullerites.

Yup. It came up last year in a thread and someone posted a link. Dang if I could find it but I could almost swear he does.


There are so many articles about this now that I would struggle to find it but I could have sworn that I read that the league secured the rights to the Rough Rider name. I'll try to find it.

Wasn't hard at all, as it turns out...

[i]Cohon walked the fence when asked whether the old Rough Rider moniker might be revived, returning the CFL to its curious two-Rider status with Saskatchewan's Roughriders.

"This is a new era," he responded, before noting the league has re-acquired much of the intellectual property it had lost, including the Rough Rider name. [/i]

The Ottawa Cavaliers Rugueux

Basically it is the Rough Riders in French, according to this English to French translation page I used.

While it may be odd to have two teams with the same nickname, we must remember that the Rough Riders were playing football in Ottawa for nearly a century before the formation of the CFL. The Regina Roughriders played in a different league until the early 1950's, so the similar nicknames was not an issue. It wasn't until the mid-1960's that the CFL introduced full interlocking play with both conferences playing a home and away with each non-conference team.

I would still like Ottawa to use a different name. The Renegades is pretty good, although it would be good to start off with a clean slate.

How 'bout the: I N V A D E R S

Silver and black, with all players wearing dark-tinted eye shields?

QB: Buck Pierce
Coach: Kent Austin


Ottawa Riflemen

Yeah, I know it means that the "Pikemen" would be too darn close and we'd have to mothball the Pikemen name, but there actually is a historical reason to name them the Riflemen:

In honour of the Volunteer Militia Rifle Company of Ottawa founded in 1856. They've been renamed over the years, to the 43rd Battalion of Infantry in 1866, the "Ottawa and Carleton" Battaion of Rifles in 1881, the Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles in 1902, and finally, The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa in 1933.

They've founght in just about evey mentionable Canadian engagement since 1856, from the Fenian Raids before Confederation, to the Louis Riel Rebellion, to D-Day, to Afghanistan. Their motto is "ADVANCE!" (not too shabby for a football team), and i hear they are the origin for the City of Ottawa's own "Advance!" motto.

Furthermore, you get to carry on the "R" tradition, hopefully a white one on the helmet. It's a fresh start, appealing enough to first time fans, but steeped in enough history to stay respected forever.

So, my first choice is Ottawa Riflemen, Black and White uniforms with perhaps red accents. I also don't mind "Ottawa Redcoats", "Ottawa Ramparts", or, if you must, "Ottawa Renegades". I don't like the Rough Riders... if I have to give up "Pikemen", you have to give up "Rough Riders"! lol

Rough riders



Nahh Rough Riders is no good.

Let's just waste Federal funds on a Nation wide referendum. That is the most logical thing to do.

The Ottawa Capitals
. . . . . Major Players (MPs)
. . . . . Nationals
. . . . . Senators
. . . . . Invaders (is kinda cool)
. . . . . Back for how Long?s
. . . . . Black and Reds

Alll those names are horrible for the Record.
'cept maybe The Capitals.

A fine idea, but you just know the wild eyed lefties will get their collective shorts in a knot over a name that glorifies war and violence. I like it though.

The Ottawa Redcoats is cool.

How about The Ottawa Rugged Roughers

Or the Ottwawa Rude Cruisers

The Ottawa Not Smooth Transporters

Ottawa Knobby Commuters

Ottawa Rough Sunday Drivers

Ottawa Cruise Controllers

Ottawa Funambulists

Or let’s just stick with the Renegades and then they can do Retro Rough Rider Gamedays here or there.

How about the Ottawa Rick Rollers???


Okay I finally got it FOR REAL THIS TIME . . . . . .

The Ottawa Renegade 'Riders!!!!!!!!!!!!!