Ottawa-Name, coach, QB?

Like, the mascot could be a brown paper bag with cash sticking out. At least the brown bag would fit with what many fans have worn to the stadium!

Again money was not and will not be a issue.

u know people would just call them the jack-offs.

If I were an eccentric millionaire backing this team, I would put fellow CFL Forumite "MadJack" on my short list of GM candidates. Very astute fellow.

OK...How about

Ottawa Ax-Men
.......Phoenix (as in the bird)

I remember reading a NFL preseason magazine many years ago when I was a kid and at the back of the magazine was a small section on the CFL. The writer began with the west then when he got to the east, and began his analysis of the Ottawa Rough Riders he had written in brackets "no it is not a misprint, the league DOES have two teams with the same name."

Why would we want to do something that would obviously appear strange to others when we are trying to attract new fans to the game?

Go with the Renegades, or whatever but NOT the Rough Riders.

reidjr > I think he was referring to the idea of politicians and money in brown bags. Not the lack of money for the team. Just trying to have a bit of fun, but I understand the touchiness.

Just think, any plays going to the left could be NDP plays, plays going to the right could be Conservative plays, and plays that go nowhere could be Liberal plays. :slight_smile:

Announcers could have alot of fun with it.

Seriously, though, Renegades works well. Is there a name that sounds the same in english and french that they could use to try to connect with the huge population in Gatineau, etc.?

I agree!

re-The only thing that concerns me is the ridicule the league will face if they allow two teams to use the nickname 'Roughriders' again...-- Its CFL nastalga , its part of the history of the CFL, (the Western loop, joined up with the Big 4 in the east.-- No emberassment, - BUt that said it is History and should stay that way,----imo- Call them the Raiders, And make the colours Black and Silver, :cowboy: H.C should be Greg Marshall former CFL C.O Y. --Q.B =Jesse Palmer

I was going to suggest they go with the name I have been supporting because it's bilingual, The Rapids, but I see that name is being used by their new semi-pro baseball team that is just starting up. So, I'll support Renegades. It's unique and catchy name and a good name for a football team. Forget Rough Riders. That name is dead and buried and the league doesn't need a laughing stock preception. It needs to be taken seriously as the true professional league that it is. If they insist. Refuse them the franchise, but they won't because the owners there are too wise to try to pull shenanigans with the name.

Ottawa Ontarians.

Ottawa Temps.

BC Whatchamacallit's



:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

OH THE PAIN :twisted:

Ottawa Militia
Coach Tom Higgins
Quarterback Jason Maas

Ottawa Inferno. Inferno works in both French and English, just add yellow to the black and red that are traditionally Ottawa's colours (maybe a flaming O for the logo)

I agree with the majority in the fact a 9 team league having two teams named practically the samething would make the CFL look bush.

Keep it the Renengades, keep it the same colours and keep the same logo (IMO the best team logo the CFL has ever had). For QB I would say, Buck Pierce and for coach, Tom Higgins.

Well, there was a difference:

Roughriders vs. Rough Riders

Ottawa is Back!!!
Some of those names are horrible though.
The worst name is Ottawa Lumberjacks!!

Lumber Jacks? What the Hell is that?
How big is the forestry industry in Ottawa.

I just think the Senators should buy the Team and give them the same name.

The Ottawa Senators


The Ottawa Major Players ( The MPs for short)

The Ottawa Renegades is alright but when I think of Ottawa I do not associate the city with Renegades (maybe thats why it works)

How about: The Ottawa Conformity


The Odawa Nation

The Ottawa Capitals

The Ottawa Harper's Tongue in our A$$

The Ottawa FootBALL-Hawgs

As for QB Timmy Chang will be the man. ( I just like saying his name)

I do like Higgins as coach with Greg Marshall on the sidelines as well.

Higgins would be a great Coach for a new Ottawa team.