Ottawa-Name, coach, QB?

try and give this one a crack, heres mine.
Name: Ottawa Lumber Jacks
Nick Name: Jacks
QB: Richie Williams(Currently Backup In Hamilton)
HC: Greg Marshall (currently DC in Winnipeg)

Name: Rough Riders
Nick Name: Eastern Riders, Black Riders, Champions :slight_smile:
QB: Kerry Joseph (I can dream)
HC: Let's see who's available in 2010

a 39 year old Joseph? well i guess if Allen can do it at 42, Joseph can at 39.

We're not getting ahead of ourselves or anything. :lol:

First things first: Dan Rambo as GM.

k lets try this
Name: Ottawa still needs money
Nickname: Bankrupt
QB: Broken And Pennyless (give K.Jones another shot)
H.C: Depsrite and Lonely (take yur pick)

No need to offend anyone i just don;t feel that ottawa deserves a 3rd chance just yet.

Joseph is 34, isn't he? If Favre can tear it up at 38, I see no reason why Joseph can't.

why not? this is stable ownership who has proven he can build a franchise. you cannot blame the fans either. i am so excited, Halifax/ QC for 2012!

1)The ownership group has more then enough money.

This ownership group wants not only to but the land that the stadium is on but all of landsdown park.Then turn it into a small city of sorts as of last report here is what it would have.

1)30,000 seat stadium.
2)8,000 seat arena.
3)2 condo buildings.
4)2 Hotels.
5)A park like much like caentral park in new york.
6)Shops and resturants

2)If it was due to lack of support that the last 2 teams folded i would agree.However the last team ahd the rights revoked because of what the owners were doing.The team before that the owners just left town.

He'd actually be 38 but who's counting when we are talking late 30's anyways I suppose.


Im leaning toward Depsrite. He’s a real talent.


Name: Ottawa Renegades
Nick Name: Gades
QB: Buck Pierce
HC: Tom Higgins

I hope they stick with Renegades, that way they can still use the 'R' on the helmet. The only thing that concerns me is the ridicule the league will face if they allow two teams to use the nickname 'Roughriders' again... :roll:

I agree w/both of you. The Gades' were likable.


Ya. That joke was front and center anytime anyone questioned the CFL as a “major league”. To be honest, it was hard to have a comeback for that one.

I don't think I've agreed with a rider fan this much, but right you are. The original Rough Riders was acceptable because both clubs had history with the name. But, this time around it'd be retarded to have 2 teams with the same name. It's hard to defend a 9 team league with 2 teams with the same name.

Generic I know, but, since they are located in the nation's capitol, how about the...Ottawa Nationals?

Been there, done that. (WHA). Perhaps they should call them the Silver Seven while they're at it.

Oddly enough, The Ottawa Rough Riders were called/nicknamed the Ottawa Senators back in the 1920s.

A lot can happen in two years. My guess would be the Renegades as nick name, Don Rambo as GM, Greg Marshall (Winnipeg's) as coach. QB? could be somebody not even in the league now but, maybe they will have to settle for someone like Marcus Brady to start with and hope they lucky and find another Kerry Joseph.

I still say Ottawa Parliamentarians. That way they cover off both houses. :lol:
OR, maybe they could call them the Lobbyists. :slight_smile: