Ottawa @ Montreal

When you have Crompton instead of Calvillo at QB?

You suck when you're Jonathan Crompton, you have no idea how to check down or look off the safety, and your own OC basically spent the offseason trying to improve your horrible footwork, which ruins most of your passes, particularly any pass that requires touch. :thdn:

The Ottawa offense looks way more out of sync than I was expecting. They finished the preseason ahead of everyone else and their top unit had more time to practice together than most other teams.

Ottawa is almost in extra point range

Really? I think they look leaps and bounds better than last year. Should have two field goals but one was blocked.

Better than last year doesn't mean good, though. Burris with a number of overthrows, thrown off his back foot a few times. I expected a crisper start. They've had 5 more days to prep for this game than the Als.

I wasn't expecting much from Montreal after that last preseason game TBH. They executed the script for the opening drive quite well but been as expected since.

I hope you guys keep a short leash on Crompton. I can't believe you guys still have him on the roster.

Funny thing about this game is it features the two teams who should've found new QBs and didn't. And we're seeing the result.

Ya good point. Now they are unraveling quickly.

That’s more a function of our record last year with him. It would have looked odd to cut the guy who went 8-2 in the back half of the season when we had no one proven behind him. But he is definitely on a short leash. Higgins even said that he might put LeFevour in for some specific packages, and as soon as Cato is caught up (he signed late), he will be right in the mix, I think.

Can someone in the audience remind Burris which team he's playing for. Much appreciated. :thup:

Burris sucks balls… Put me in, coach. With that receiving core i’d have 2 TD’s and maybe a pick. Get him outta there, trade for Glenn lol

But in all honesty, he’s costing the Redblacks the game, retire already…

Someone get Lewis a belt.

A fair point. It sucks when someone gets credit for something they're not entirely responsible for.

At least the Als tried to do something by adding Lefevour who has shown some promise and should have had some good coaching with Austin. The Redblacks start the season with the same 3 QBs they went with most of last year.

Hard to argue that based on what's happening on the field tonight. Burris has been absolutely awful. Even the few completions he's had he's overthrown receivers who just made great adjustments to the ball. (Especially that Williams catch that should have been a a running TD if the ball was delivered better

I think we all said it, should have gone with Glenn. Burris doesn't have enough time left.

I'm thinking suspenders, but yeah.

Had Glenn stayed with the RedBlacks instead of pitching a fit, he might have been the starter by the end of last year.

I need a wall to bang my head against...