Ottawa @ Montréal

I wonder if, overall, CFL teams would be better off just having their returners catch the ball and go down, with nobody throwing any blocks?

Something is really really wrong.

We're almost at the end of the first half, and Rod Black has yet to tell us who Duron Carter's father is. . .

Didn't notice ... of course I watch on RDS.

Have we run a fake special teams play yet this season?

EDIT: and still not

I really like Mark Nelson, always have, but what the heck was he thinking?

I do like that Pruneau kid, but come on; a smallish, rookie LB one-on-one on Duron Carter? Recipe for disaster there.

Where are you located, GHT?

I am an Ango-Trifuvian ( transplanted to Ottawa for the last 30 years

Ah okay. Odd we're the only two posters here tonight

After all these years of Burris falling on the floor and making the sign of the ref throwing a flag the actually made a rule about this? And we get busted!! Haha!

Ottawa seems to be running the ball against us, judging by the stat line. Not watching the game so I can't comment on anything else, except that with a 13-7 lead we should be able to win this game if we cut out the turnovers and penalties and the defence plays assignment-sharp football.

Als should write a cheque to that Abdhula Kenei, what a selfish player. Cuts SJ's knees out puts them on the one and then takes a selfish penalty after the play on Rodgers. Wow ! Thanks Abdhula :thup:

What about you, location wise?

The 6:30 start was my initial thought about our loneliness, but that excuse is long gone.

EDIT: Welcome aboard Mike, Dis and Hfx.


I think the rule was really aimed at receivers, who came up doing that on any close play in the last few years; but fair is fair. Doubt Jonathan will do that again,

Don't like settling for FG, but man is Whyte ever money this season. . .

I like the conservative game plan tonight. Let the young Ottawa team make mistakes and take what they give us.

100% He doesn't do himself any favours for next season with selfish plays like that.

Agree, the Ws are all that count now.

How do you not watch for trick plays off punts with the Ottawa Communist African Americans? It has been the most consistently succesful part of their game this season.

Henry is the biggest cry baby in the CFL :lol:

For sure on that; their ST coach is one sharp cookie.