Ottawa @ Montréal

Je sais. Mais il a joué à Toronto toute sa carrière, n'ayant sévi à Montréal que sur l'équipe de pratique en 2007.

Pour moi, il fait partie du même genre de gars que Belli, que j'ai été très heureux de voir quitter Montréal les deux fois qu'il l'a fait.

Oui. Il a été fait mention cette semaine que O'Brien aurait des séquences à chaque quart dans cette partie. Est-ce que ça va arriver? C'est une autre histoire.

Peut-être que Rainey n'est pas encore tout à fait rodé pour ce genre de jeu, mais comme Whitaker ne reviendra pas, ça pourrait être une bone idée de commencer à faire ce genre de choses contre Ottawa, histoire de pouvoir mieux utiliser l'attaque à 2 demis contre Toronto et Hamilton.

I suspect your correct. Campbell is just putting it out there in the event that Burris can't mount anything. This way they can pull Burris without making it look that they've lost confidence in him.

Glad that guy in halifax got arrested on the bus.

I'm going to the game tomorrow anyway. See if there's a special on bulletproof vests.

Turns out the killer spent a year at my old school Collège Stanislas. I feel so dirty now.

Should be one heck of an atmosphere. Hopefully we'll see a bit more offence for a change against ottawa.

Today's Roster Moves:

MTL ADD FROM INJURED IMP Kyries HEBERT (LB) Louisiana At Lafayette (SW)

Per Herb, Brian Brikowski (DE) will play - already on roster.

Jason Pottinger : "It's a not good feeling losing to anybody, but I really hate losing to Montreal."

J'espère que les Alouettes vont leur en chrisser toute une! Je me ferais un plaisir de lui remettre sur le nez! :x :x :x

Police has no clue if the guy they took it was the one carrying the rifle that was found by the bus driver. He says its not his...

Als O failed to score a td in that one too.
Hopefully they find the end zone this time around.

I'm encouraged. SJ had two really good games in the last 3 and Duron covered him the other time. London also is coming around as a purposeful #3 and then you have Rodgers,Rainey and Sutton. There is no reason for Crompton to be shooting blanks.

I agree. The issues are Dinwiddie's inexperience as a playcaller and Crompton's inexperience as a QB. We have the receivers, the O-line, and the running backs. No reason for us to struggle outside of the two issues I mentioned.

He's got half a season under his belt now, he's starting to see teams for the second time. He should be able to play 60 minutes of solid football. Well.... Let's hope :smiley:

Probably doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot, but the depth chart tonight shows Hebert backing up Cox at SAM and Beaulieu-Richard backing up Venable at WILL.

Let’s test Nelson deep from the first quarter on. I don’t believe Ottawa has the cover DBs to man up on our big receivers one on one, and the best way to make Nelson back off the blitzes and loading up the box is to go over top early and often. With Green, Carter, and London, SOMEONE is going to be open one on one and that’s who we should be targeting with intermediate and deep passes. I want Crompton to be more decisive with those kill shots. If you want to go for the jugular, then GO FOR IT. Trust your pre-snap read, make your drop, and throw that damn football on time. Give your receiver a chance to make a play instead of giving the DB a free pass on an easy knockdown because you threw too late and/or underthrew the ball. What’s the harm? Even if your drive stalls, you’ve loosened up the underneath coverage and given yourself more options for the next series. Worst comes to worst it’s an “armpunt” interception, which might even be a better outcome than trusting our horrific special teams not to take a penalty or give up a block on the punt.

We have a gunslinger. We have big, rangy receivers who can make plays deep. We have a good running game. What we don’t have are the QB and the OC to run a Calvillo-style timing offence. So let’s not try to be something we’re not. Instead, let’s play to our strengths and gamble on the deep ball. A couple of early successes and Ottawa will have to start dropping its linebackers into coverage, at which point we can do all kinds of nasty things to them on the ground and via the short passing game.

LOL, those depth charts are so idiotic and messed up that it's hard to read anything into them. Still not guaranteed that Hebert starts. He might be a healthy scratch if Thorpe decides he wants another DE/LB tweener to play alongside Brikowski. Either way, there is no way in hell that Hebert backs up Cox at Sam. He doesn't play that position and doesn't have the cover skills or the recovery speed to be successful at it.

If I were Thorpe, I'd dress an extra rush end and scratch Hebert. Venable is doing fine at Will, and in the event that Beaulieu-Richard gets injured, we can always slide Brouillette down to Will and put Edem at safety.

I hope for a W tonight.

I know that that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but it's about the best I can say, given what I've witnessed this season. There is no doubt that the Als have all the tools on O, but those running the show have not been using them to their best ability and the execution has not been evident. Crompton is still very much on a learning curve, although there has been improvement, so we'll see.

I feel confident that Ottawa will be sending in some of their bench strength as they prepare for next season, but they desperately want to give their fans a W and to create some excitement for the team, especially in light of the tragic events that occurred two days ago.

The Als can't look beyond this game to the two remaining games against the Argos and Ticats. The D will still have to play lights out and the O has to execute. There has been some momentum and traction gained on O over the last 4 games; winning will do that. I don't want the RB fans to be disappointed, but this is pro ball and the final 3 games are tantamount to playoffs where the Als are concerned. Now we'll find out what our team is made of.

With apologies to the good people of Ottawa, I hope the Als come out with a W tonight!

I also want us to get Rodgers more involved. He's been a bit of an afterthought recently, except for those super-predictable jet formation runs that now end in 5-yard losses for us. He's a playmaker, get him in space and let him make plays. To me, either Rodgers or Green are the best receivers to run WR screens.

Higgins a dit qu'il utiliserait Hebert de façon sporadique pour ne pas surtaxer sa jambe de nouveau, compte tenu qu'il n'a pas pu faire tous les entraînements cette semaine. Hebert s'est dit d'accord avec cette approche.

Curieusement, TSN a enlevé l'article qui rapportait les propos de Pottinger... :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

It`s still there somewhere, actually a Canadian Press story picked up by TSN:

[url=] ... s-1.114153[/url]

No idea why he hates losing to the Als as opposed to other teams but he does go on to give the Als some reluctant credit:

"They started off slow just like we did, but found a way to start pulling off the wins," Pottinger said. "It's something we couldn't figure out, but we've got three games left and we've got a chance to prove that we'll be a team to be reckoned with next season."