Ottawa @ Montreal

Pregame is on TSN 5 on my TV, which is the Eastern TSN feed. Might be on a different one in your area (TSN 2 is showing something else entirely, game is on 1, 3, 4, and 5).

Did the graphic say Tim Higgins' career record is 73-60-1? That is a terrible record. :expressionless:

It's the stoppable force vs the moveable object.

Let the game begin!

LOL @ both teams averaging under 16 ppg. We should be in for a barn burner tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, ORB are awful in the redzone!

could go a long way to locking down a home playoff tonight


Oh look? Another drop!

One must wonder ...How many wins would Ottawa have if Glen was the Qb... Conversely, how many wins would Hamilton have with Burris

Drops, flags, and field goals, oh my!

We have a touchdown! :lol:

Could be good enough to win the game :stuck_out_tongue:


Montreal gets a rouge. Ottawa's really in trouble now.

I'm pretty disappointed. Ottawa has played better than this against better teams.

Wife is happy the Als are winning though.

You are a lucky man.
Happy wife happy life.

Surprise, another joke penalty against Ottawa!!!!!!!111

I thought we were gonna get spoiled and get two touchdowns. Instead we get another turnover.

Ottawa turnover. What no penalty against Ottawa for turningover the ball

Surprise!! Another amateur game... That fumble in the end zone was embarrassing

Oh there is the penalty :roll: :roll: