Ottawa mayor fights

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Ottawa councillors will decide today whether to reopen
the design competition for the Lansdowne Park,

Jeff Hunt's CFL group say they will pull their bid
if the city reopens the design competition.

I don't understand Ottawa. It is quite sad when one of the largest cities in the country, the capital mind you, one which is considered a world class city does not have a facility adequate to host major outdoor sporting events. The Hunt group is offering in my opinion the most sensible solution to their problem. A facility which can host football, soccer, concerts and other outdoor events such as farmers markets etc. The Hunt groups proposal will also cost much less taxpayers money than Eugene Melnyk, billionaire tyrant who wants a soccer specific facility only.

Ottawa's destined not to get a franchise because of petty politics. :thdn:

I feel bad for the Ottawa fans

Frankly we know This was going to happen.
Ottawa wants the Land for Housing
as said for years ottawa is band Wagon Town..
there hockey team is starting to be bad how long before it move state side.
Cause lack of support same as the football Team.

As much as I'd love to see football back in Ottawa, I hope Jeff Hunt's group backs out if they take it to a design competition. Sad if that happens but Ottawa's choice.

This is nothing unusual.

The group was offering to build on a $160,000,000 peice of land (estimated) and asked the city to pitch in money (amount undetermined).

Unfortunately, many of the people living in the neighborhood don't like having concerts and sporting events in the backyard, so they're doing everything to at least slow it down.

That kind of thing doesn't get rubber-stamped overnight. Use Winnipeg as an example; when did we first hear about their new stadium and how far along is it?

You have no idea what you're talking about. The first Hunt proposal last year included all kinds of condo space and they've had to change it because residential space was unpopular for that space following public consultation.

So what happened is that the motion to restart the design competition for Lansdowne Park, which was what would have caused Hunt and co. to bail, was pulled, presumably because the person who submitted it felt he could not get a majority to support it. This would indicate support for Lansdowne Live.

The city now spends the next few weeks reviewing Lansdowne Live thoroughly and will vote on whether or not to accept it. Unless Hunt and co. crap the bed entirely, it look promising.

maybe hunt said he'd move his proposal to halifax.

Yes its great news that Doucet the vocal NDP bicycle riding, limp wristed, granola crunching lefty who is trying to kill the Hunt group didn't get the support of other councillors.
Therefore the city is going ahead to study the Hunt groups proposal.

By the way if you don't live in Ottawa and don't pay taxes in Ottawa "shut the f..., up"

What a fool Doucet is making himself out to be. What, you're not going to fully review a local bid, local monies but instead put it in the limbo bin while they spend a few hundred thousand dollars and countless months/years maybe on opening up a design competition? What a joke Ottawa would look like if they didn't immediately take some time to seriously study the Hunt proposal. I guess Doucet doesn't understand this but fortunately as said, he wasn't going to get support for his waste of time and dollars proposal.

This is the link to the latest - Looks like full speed ahead!!!

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Smart mayor and other councillors, thanks for the link to the article.

Doucet though has to answer to the people in his ward, and so he reflects their selfishness and devious way of getting what they want (and thanksfully to this point, failing). The Glebe Community Association barely hides anymore that all they could care less about is no longer having to deal with the traffic and noise that comes with a stadium.

"FIFA is coming to town with a tournament that'll put millions into the economy?? who cares, I won't be able to hear Maaaaaaaaatlock!!"

Doucet might actually be a closet football fan. He wrote a book years ago about a kid who goes to UCLA, I guess plays football there and ends up with the Rough Riders. You'd never know it now.

I propose they name the new/renovated stadium "Matlock Stadium". Problem solved? :wink:

everyone just relax man. there is enough tax payer money around that all the billionaires will get a turn at the trough.

I hope this now puts the end to the Melnyk plan, that American wannabe.

Why would you call it a bandwagon town? Based on what? Maybe their attendance slumped when the team was doing poorly. Sound familiar? But for the record, hell will freeze over before Ottawa lets the Sens go.