Ottawa makes their first signing....

The Ottawa.. have announced the signing of Michael Bishop!

they are happy and believe they'll lead their team to a consistent 4th place finish!! :rockin:


hmmm, april fools or not, it still begs the question, ottawa who?

Hey theres a thought.

if we can have THE WHO, and THE GUESS WHO, why not the OTTAWA WHO?

The Ottawa Clive Doucet Glebe and Some Others who don't know what the significance of Canadian footbal is from a hole in the ground from a cultural, historical, or traditional sense. Because, they are just stupid and not well read. :cowboy:

Because Who's on first. Wrong sport (in more ways than one).

I just had a total brainstorm about a new name, the Algonquins! That way, when they play Alouettes, it will be the Als vs. the Als!!! :cowboy:

I'm very disappointed than no one commented on my brilliant humour :cry:

I found it mildly amusing :slight_smile:

Brilliant? Really? You don't think maybe you're over-selling yourself a bit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can EFG create a double negative and save this thread???

Only time will tell...