Ottawa Magic In Toronto - BLM Dumps on Coach DD

The last 4 of the last 5 Grey Cups won by Ottawa have been on CNE Grounds.

68 - 73 - 76 - 2016.

There is something special about Ottawa playing in Toronto for the Cup.
For those nostalgic types CFL Classic Tuesday is playing the 76 game today.
Or you can see the full version anytime on youtube.

As for 2016, here is what is unfortunate from my view as a Stamps fan.

Not the loss, but the excuses and finger pointing.

In 2001 the Stamps defeated the powerhouse Bombers.
Stamps received no respect. Stamps did not win , Bombers lost.
There was all these excuses from Bomb land.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.
2016 " greatest team of all time " just took it on the chin.
There is all this " Stamps blew it" crap.
"They were overconfident. "

That is from media and other "fans"

Give the Reds credit for playing better and deserving the 2016 crown.

What I am having a problem with is our " leader " BLM who has received props from media and fans all season long is having an issue with " the call ".

In the post game media scrum he states " the ball should have been in my hands or Mess's hands. I thought I would celebrate"

In other words, he is against the DD decision.
I respect guys who are honest, but he should not be calling out his coach.
Staring down receivers was not called for either. Talk to them on the sidelines like a pro.

What cost the Stamps the game was getting into a 20 pt hole and having to crawl out.
BLM needs to take this like a man and accept that he played the worst start he has had since being a Stamp .
Give the Ottawa D credit for that BTW.

He just lost the GC and had cameras in his face. He expressed what everybody was thinking, as in. WTF was Buckley doing in there and not BLM or Messam. When you insert Buckley in to the game there is no grey area, he's running. Now Ottawa can focus strictly on him which they did to perfection.

Don't blame BLM for stating the obvious. DD is a big boy and should be able to handle the criticism. This was Calgary's 13th man debacle. The CG was 2 yards away with 2 cracks at it. Unbelievable.

BLM seems to forget that the ball was in his hands in OT. A TD plus a convert would have won it. Instead he threw three incomplete passes. Perhaps all that getting ready to celebrate at the end of regulation was distracting. But he can't say he didn't get the chance to win it for his team.

Another issue that keeps coming up.

The local media is really pounding home on how BLM lost his best receiver. How much it hurt the O.

:roll: :roll: :roll: Hello, The Reds lost Chris Williams and 2 starting running backs in Mossis Madu and William Powell.

I have no problem with the Stamps loss. That happens , so I am not going to toss and turn at night over it.

What I have a problem with is the long list of excuses. I hate excuses.

The Stamps faced something , they did not face all season . ADVERSITY.
There was doubt, confusion and perhaps some panic .
They were in control all season, heard all the props and felt they were solid.

Stamps were cocky and overconfident. If they did not come out flat , it may not have come down to one play.

Whatever, what is done is done.

What I am glad about, is the fact that the players on the field decided the outcome.
It was not decided by a review that went wrong and an apology the next day. That would sting.

Shouldn't have gone to OT that's the point. Very very bad decision!

DD has admitted that he would do it over different.
Hind sight is 20/20. WE have all made decisions we would like to change.

However, I agree with ExPat.

In OT Stamps still had a chance. It is not like it was the last play. ( 13 th man that you brought up ).

Like it or not, the better team won.

They were rattled.

Did DD also make a bad decision when Buckley scored a touchdown in the previous short-yardage situation?

You just hit the nail on the head my friend! Anybody making a big deal out of BLM's comments is just looking to stir up trouble. Dickenson himself said he'd like to have that call back, and that he has no problem with what BLM said as he wants his QB to want the ball in his hands.

And of top of all that - BLM was 100% right in everything he said!


Bo Levi Billy Bob Cletus Mitchell should shut his yap! He played a stinker of a game. The "MOP" let his team down with a crappy game. He needs to look at himself in the mirror...

Man up and shut up! :cowboy: [/i]

Not the most diplomatic way of wording it, but Johnny is correct.

The other quote was " I do not know how we did not win ? "

Perhaps it was the balls tossed into the hands of the Ottawa RBS. :roll:

Kid has a lot to learn. First, do not play like crap and then place blame.

Should've, could've would've - .......................and if normally sure handed Brad Sinopoli had just squeezed that on-side kick that went into his hands, the game would never have gone into OT.

I wouldn't say dumped... he commented on a play... Whether the play was the right thing to do, remains to be seen...

I'm pretty sure it is well settled that the play didn't work out as planned.