Ottawa Madness

Let's see.....lining up in numerical order for the National Anthem - patriotic? yes; idiotic? yes.
Jerry Glanville as the future head coach? Someone should let Little Lonie and Jerry know that Elvis has definitely left the building.
Jesse Palmer as the next Great Canadian Hype? Well, at least he's Canadian and his experience on the Bachelor might, just might, help Lonie get a date, assuming of course that he's run out of cheerleaders.
And I thought all the crazy stuff happened on the Left least we have an excuse....we ARE the grow-op capital of Canada.
What is with the Gliebermans? Didn't they, or the CFL for that matter, learn anything from the last go-round. I know there are some former employees and coaches from the last Glieberman fiasco that are still waiting to paid. This is an absolute joke....I really feel sorry for the long-suffering fans in Ottawa. Ah, what the hell, they can wear their beads and togas to the wake.

god help Ottawa

OTTAWA, is lucky to even have a team.Thanks to the GLIEBS, for that.

  1. They [OTTAWA] didn’t like it when they saved the team.

  2. They complained about , all of their promotions.

  3. Now they are cpmplaining about this.

It is really simple ,OTTAWA fans buy more tickets and stop blaming every one else.

It is the GLEIBS fault
It is TOM WRIGHTS fault
It is their promotions fault
he dated a cheer leader , kill him. :roll:

OR move the team to QUEBEC CITY, where, it will be huge. :smiley:

well said hellothere. i think i'm the only one in ottawa who supports the gliebermans

What with the lining up in numerical order for the anthem?

That sounds good to me.

Apparently the Gades just added RYAN LEAF, of all people, to their negotiation list.


what a freakin circus of a franchise the Gliebermans are running. first mardi gras, then the toga party...terrible attendance figures...and now this. when will ottawa get an owner/front office with some freaking brains? :roll:

You forgot Forest Gregg and Jerry Glanville.

No wonder the Ottawa fans are staying away…I wonder if the Glibermans are related to Murray Pezim.

I am again willing to give the Gleibs the benefit of the doubt. NO ONE in Ottawa put up their $ to buy into the team. Period. At least with these moves, and I hate everyone of them including that stiff Palmer, they are stirring the pot and trying to “attract” the curious fans of Ottawa. Of course, the usual “fan” will tell you we have not had a winning product since the day of the small potatoe so why should we support the team? Now, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? I say this year by enlarge the Rens are a young and exciting team moving up and not downward. Yet, the fickle Ottawa fans are still not coming out, with a pathetic average of 19,000. I therefore agree more so now then before, the Ottawa experiment is done, move the team to QC.

If the Ottawa fans won't buy the Gliebs why prolong the agony....knock it on the head! Move to QC or anywhere else for that matter....didn't you learn the last time around with the Gliebs? They are a horror show.....they remind me of the guy who bought the Vancouver Grizzlies....promised the world.....delivered nothing. With one exception....we've seen the Glieberman act before. Once bitten, twice shy.....twice bitten=stupid!

Geez, everyone just LOOKS for stuff to bash the Renegades over. Doesn't matter if it's legit or not, it seems to me that in most eyes, the Renegades can do no good. Name one CFL team that would not want an NFL starting QB on their roster? Come on, if the Riders added some NFL QB to their neg list, half the people on this forum would be going on ad nauseum about how this QB would be going to Regina and leading the Riders to victory in the next 8 Grey Cups.

Seriously Ottawans (or whatever people from Ottawa are called) - stop pointing fingers at everyone but yourself. The team gets no support. Just look at attendances. Are the Gliebermen going around, telling people to NOT go to the games? Is Tom Wright putting up ads all over the place, telling people the Gades suck?

Instead of trying to blame all of Ottawa's misfortunes on others, and then frantically looking for anything - and using everything, legit or not - to back up your claims, look at yourself! Go to the damn games! Get your friends to go to the games! Invite your friends over to watch the road games on TV. Seriously - Ottawa 'fans' really only have themselves to blame.

One thing I am most concern is this guy is screwing around with the team I hope he does not destroy them