Ottawa & Los Angeles - similarities with pro football?

Was thinking about this last night. The NFL has had a horrible time keeping a team in the 2nd largest TV market in the US and currently there is no team there. (BTW, some might say this is the ultimate bush league thing) And with no team in Ottawa and the problems there, well, maybe both cities, while different obviously, share the same feeling that there are not enough fans of pro football to make it viable in these cities?
So Ottawa, I maybe wouldn't feel too bad, being in the same company as a city like LA isn't all that bad some might say.

I think football could work with both, LA on TV (English and Spanish), and Ottawa with better marketing and solid ownership (the fans are there, they just need hope and something to believe in).

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but remember Ottawa, we weren’t the team that put our head on the choping block, you did.