Ottawa looked pretty good, Calgary not so much

It sure got quiet in Calgary!

Absolute shocker from a team that’s supposed to be fighting with the larks for the basement! Larks didn’t look out of place either- although it was Edmonton with many new pieces snatched from the east so they probably thought they were playing the OTTRBs! :wink:

Surprise, surprise that Calgary and Sask both lost to “weak” Eastern teams!

OTT always seems to match up well against CAL for whatever reason.

Dominique Davis must be elite. He can throw 4 picks and still beat the Stamps.

Bottom line…

4 picks and 0 tds and under 300 yds passing and it all adds up to a big fat “W” in the win column . :o Wow !!! Really mediocre , nowhere near elite , kinda like being in between , kinda like being… mediocr-elite . 8)

Ottawa will take the 2 points, Thanks man,

Masoli must be too! One TD and he got the win!

Calgary’s arrogance and Cockieness caught up with them big time.
With two Minutes left they had the ball.
instead of grinding it out on the ground and run down the clockthey chose to pass , stopping the clock after every incompletion.
Bang. Ottawa gets the ball and Karma kicks in.
As far as I’m concerned you can’t score enough points on that team. They’ve buried and embarrassed so many teams.
Karmas a Bitch

Ottawa’s Defence is very little changed from last season. The only starter they lost, in free agency, is Rico Murray and they decided, back in January, not to continue with Hebert. Last night, they held Bo Levi’s offence to just 318 yds. To pull off that surprising victory, considering the big name losses on their offensive roster, is something for the two-colours fans to be excited about, and something to cause those who’ve made season predictions to, perhaps, do some re-thinking this morning.

CAL S off season losses on defense were clearly evident. If you let a fairly average back like Madu light you up…

BCs defense , especially secondary, looked soft. WPG is as good as advertised. Solid all around.

Dom Davis did a lot of Masoli- esque decision making. And he’s not exactly a raw rookie either. Bailed out by defense and CAL turnovers.

For Drew’s ex Cat and haunter efficinados file…

Madu. 140 combined yards.
Rutley. 108 yd return TD.
Gable. 190 combined yards.

Also, the league’s top receiver in Week 1, Eskimo Ricky Collins Jr., was here in ‘17 on the TiCats’ P.R. However, he never got into a game.

Man I’ll say; you hit the nail on the head dork.

Davis, Johnson, and Thurman missing from their front 7, and did it ever show. They made Madu look like an all-star running back, which we all know him not to be. He is, if I can use this word, mediocre.

You might even add a guy called Singleton to CAL’s “Those Missing” category.

Thanks, how the heck did I miss that?