Ottawa Logo taken down in this new site.

Maybe they should put back the logos of all the former U.S. teams?

should the NHL still have the Jets on their sites???

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should the NHL still have the Jets on their sites???

Haha, good point.

The main reason i hope that they dont name them the roughriders is because it makes the CFL look mickey-mouse. Havent any of u seen the South Park episode where they make fun of the CFL by naming both teams the Roughriders?

Yes but the Ottawa forum is actually useful. The logo on the top of the website is completely irrelevent and downright misleading to people who are unfamiliar with the CFL.

The CFL is just updating the website to change the Renegades logo back to the white ‘R’ to welcome back the Ottawa Rough Riders

Or, Ottawa gave up on the CFL.

The main reason i hope that they dont name them the roughriders is because it makes the CFL look mickey-mouse. Havent any of u seen the South Park episode where they make fun of the CFL by naming both teams the Roughriders?
[i][url=]Rough Riders vs Roughriders[/url][/i] :)

I think the whole Rough Riders/Roughriders is a key part of the whole CFL legacy though. There's actually a history behind why 2 teams bear similar names. What would be 'mickey-mouse' is if the CFL deliberately named the teams the same.

Keep the Rough Riders name Ottawa; and come back to the CFL soon too!

Unreal :roll:.

If you even knew just a little bit about history in general (not just that of the CFL) you wouldn't be saying that.

The names are very fitting to each region's history, actually. I think it's a great name; very different, and I hope that Ottawa keeps the Rough Riders name when they return.

Since you apparently have a problem with reading comprehension, let me quote what I wrote again. Please read this very carefully. "Nobody (without looking it up) of this generation has a clue what a Roughrider is anyway. It's an archaic and old fashioned name (particularly "Rough Rider")."

Now I ask you, where did I write that the name wasn't appropriate to each region's history? Here's a clue: I didn't write that. So that NOT what I meant. Since you have no idea whatsoever what my knowledge of the history of each place is, I'll tell you. I grew up in Alberta and got my degree at Carleton U (over twenty years ago). I am quite familiar with the general history of both regions.

Now, I'll reiterate what I wrote the first time. The names are old fashioned, outdated, and few if any of this generation really know what they mean or where the name came from. The terms "roughrider" or "rough rider" simply are not, beyond a CFL context, part of the modern person's lexicon. Historical certainly (and lets not get into the Teddy Roosevelt/logging argument, since it's pretty clear from your post where you stand), contemporary no.

I understand you are probably an unabashed 'rider (or Rider) booster, but please don't let your fervor insert your bias into what others write.

Also, please understand when someone is writing something that is clearly meant to rankle. You're over-the-top, insulting response, is the extreme of the type of comment my original post was meant to solicit.

Calm down...deep breaths...relax...

Feeling better? :slight_smile:

Why did you say that the name is 'stupid' then? Saying what you did was indeed 'stupid'.

I went easy on you; I could have been much worse. Count your blessings. :wink:

If you're going to troll and say such ridiculous things as you did in your original post to elicit a response then you should be real happy with yourself. Mission accomplished.

I would hope though, that you would be able to take it if you dish it out.

Bring it on! Show me that what I said is "ridiculous" and I'll be glad to dish it back.

Stop ten young people on the street (even in Ottawa) and see if ANY of them know what a Rough Rider was (not the team). Chances are not a single one will have any clue that the Ottawa team was named (by a Hamilton Newspaper no less, not even a local one) after a US Calvary unit (source: The Canadian Encyclopia). THAT'S why I called it stupid. It's a stupid name for a team from the Canadian capitol, that has no local historical relevance (despite attempts 25 years later to claim it had something to do with logdrivers).

In the context of the day (1890s) it had international/military meaning to people. Today it is has NO meaning to anyone other than Spanish-American war or Teddy Roosevelt buffs (obscure British military units notwithstanding).

Patronize all you want, but take your own advice when you tell me to calm down. Your overreaction to a minor post by flaming me just shows your own intolerance to anything you don't like.

You took the bait, too bad you can't swallow it.

:x Come on, you know what I meant by that. Follow the flow of the discussion, for crying out loud!

I was responding to whether Saskatchewan should have to change their name if Ottawa returns to the league. I said no, because since the Ottawa team no longer exists, they no longer hold a claim to the name, and it could be said that Saskatchewan had the name first.

My previous statement (that I made weeks ago in a different thread) that Ottawa could not use the name was based on the fact that Horn Chen holds the copyright on the name and the logo. If Palmer had made some arrangement with him, I was unaware of it. But that's not what I was talking about here.

I dont know for sure but I thought I heard that Chen gave up the rights.

Actually, I think you may be misunderstanding me.

I won't even approach the idea that Saskatchewan should change its name. That's beyond ludicrous.

It's this stuff about how Ottawa can no longer lay claim to it, or any other variable used (by yourself and/or others) to determine "entitlement" of the name.

"Saskatchewan has had it consecutively!"
"Sure, but Ottawa had it first!"
"But Ottawa folded!"
"Who cares? They still had the name for longer!"

None of these things REALLY matter as to whether or not the name would be used. An owner who chooses to use the name could. They might have to buy it from Chen, but they could still use it.

I think you will find Wild Bill Hickock's Wild West Show's trick riding team were called the "Rough Riders". It was prominent on all their posters. I think that is where the Regina nickname came from. As far as Ottawa goes:

"The rich history of football in the Ottawa-Gatineau area can be traced as far back as the year of Confederation, as the earliest game on record played in the region was on September 16, 1867, when two non-organized clubs, the Rough Riders and the Senators, clashed on the pitch. Records vaguely seem to indicate that the Rough Riders were named for the lumberjacks who rode down the rapids of the Ottawa River. It must be assumed that the Senators took their name from the governmental body.

It was on September 9, 1897 that the Ottawa Football Club was re-christened the Ottawa Rough Riders, adopting their now-famous red and black colour scheme, in honour of the Canadian regiment fighting in the Spanish-American War. The club, which had played in the QRFU since 1894, returned to the all-familiar ORFU in 1898, where it would earn its first title chance since 1885.

The Rough Riders returned to the CRU final in 1899, but the Kingston Granites closed out the century by shutting out the Ottawa 8-0 in Toronto. Redemption time came the following year, as the Rough Riders returned to the top of the mountain by defeating the Brockville Football Club of the QRFU by a 17-10 score. They added another crown two years later, defeating the University of Ottawa, the defending champions, 5-0."

I think you did a great job of that by yourself already. :slight_smile:

Then I guess we'll have to add you to that list too. The Rough Rider name was used for a football team name in Ottawa as far back as 1867, decades before the Spanish-American War. Take a look at the history of the Ottawa team from the ahem official CFL site:

Ottawa Football History

So you see, the Rough Riders name has a very long history in Ottawa.

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that prestigious source, the Canadian "Encyclopia" :wink:

See above link.

Oh, I'm as cool as a cucumber.

Nice comeback skippy :roll:

Please site your source for this, as this is not what is described here:

[url=] ... RTA0006012[/url]

This article is partly written by Frank Cosentino (not sure if it's the same Cosentino who was a veteran Canadian Quarterback for the Argos), who published the seminal "A History of the CFL" ... 0921368542

To quote from the linked article above:

"The name Rough Riders was acquired in 1898. A Hamilton newspaper took exception to their rugged, ungentlemanly play in a game against the locals and tagged them with the descriptor "rough riders," a reference to Teddy Roosevelt's regiment's charge up San Juan Hill in Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War."

There is another falsehood, I believe, in the article you quoted: The original colours of the Riders were Red and White, which were the same as the colours of Roosevelt's regimental colours.

In any case, the Rough Riders were pretty famous in their day, but they weren't a Canadian unit.

That reference to Sept 1897 is actually from this site.

It no longer has a logo, but it has a history section!

I've got an idea. When Ottawa returns to the CFL, let's call them both(Ottawa and Saskatchewan) the Renegades. I'm pretty sure those same ten people that rpaege was talking about couldn't define what a Tiger-Cat or an Argonaut was either.

What I love about the CFL is the tradition and the history. These teams have been around since the late 1800's. If it appears bush league to someone that the names are the same, it just means they don't know, nor appreciate the tradition of the league.

Oh, I have to go I just saw a Stampeder drop from what looked like a blue bomber.

Right. Anyone who knows anything about the league would know that the Rough Riders are reviving the name that they had for a century. It’s not like it would come out of nowhere. When the Renegades were created, it took quite a while for people to STOP calling them the Rough Riders.

And those who want to dump on the league will find a reason to regardless. A guy I work with makes fun of the league for having players that need to get “real jobs” to make ends meet.

Whatever. those people don’t matter anymore than the guy in the “Halifax jerk” thread do. They’re uninformed and always end up showing it sooner or later.