Ottawa Logo taken down in this new site.

I just noticed it now, but the Ottawa Logo is no longer with the rest of the logos at the top of this site.
Did the CFL give up on Ottawa already?
After all, this is the official site of the CFL.

Seems prudent considering that there is no team in Ottawa.

It’s at the bottom of the Alouettes’ site if you’re feeling nostalgic.

YEAH! Maybe less Expansion talk! !!!

Yes, this is the official site of the CFL.

Why would they fly the flag of a team that does not play with them?

yeah, i was kinda wondering the same thing, why they had that logo up all of last season.

The logo has just been temporarily suspended... :lol:


Cohon has done a number of interviews lately, he’s constantly asked about going back to Ottawa and usually gives a pretty consisten answer about doing the necessary research and legwork to make sure that the next attempt is successful. I’m going to base myself more on what they’re actually saying instead of trying to read too much into removing the logo of a team that won’t have played for two season and may not even make use of the same name when they return. The only bug with me is the speculation that it creates.

im fine with watever name they come up with, but it better not be the Ottawa Roughriders!!

Thryllin, they took down a logo yet they keep the Ottawa forum up and running.
Ottawa is still CFL Territory.
So I say "why not" back to you.

I think it's a virtual certainty that the team won't be named "Roughriders".

They prob wont, but I for one would like to see them go back to the Roughrider name

im fine with watever name they come up with, but it better not be the Ottawa Roughriders!!
They prob wont, but I for one would like to see them go back to the Roughrider name
Ok, but how about the Rough Riders then??? Ottawa has been the heartland of Canadian football since the 1870's , if not earlier. The RR name can be traced way back. They were a long-standing member of the "Big Four" football union which dominated Canadian football for nearly a century.

With the Regina Roughriders nearing their 100th Anniversary of Canadian Football, Ottawa had been playing football for decades earlier. So perhaps it is Sask that should be the team which changes its knick-name??

I would like to see it written the same way it was before they folded the first time.

I for one, was very happy when Montreal came back with the Alouettes name and I would understand if die hard Ottawa fans wanted their old name back.

Maybe each person who buys a season ticket could get a vote.

Actually, no.
When the Regina Roughriders were formed, there were no Ottawa Rough Riders. They had changed their name to the "Senators." Only after the formation of the Regina Roughriders did Ottawa change its name back to the Rough Riders, in spite of the fact that Regina (albeit in a different league) already had the name.

When the leagues merged, the CFL put up with two teams with the same name (I don't buy into the one-word/two-word distinction) for many years.

Then the Ottawa Rough Riders folded. At that time they ceased to exist. The Saskatchewan Roughriders were the only Roughrider team in the CFL. If Ottawa returns to the CFL, they will not be able to take the Rough Rider name, because that nickname already exists in this league.

And thank gawd. It's a stupid name no matter which team has it. Nobody (without looking it up) of this generation has a clue what a Roughrider is anyway. It's an archaic and old fashioned name (particularly "Rough Rider").

/end rant :smiley:

You saying so doesn't make it a fact, Dave. Palmer was fully prepared to use it and there was never any indication that he could not.

That would be much more like it. :wink:


here here!