Ottawa logo being used

a american leauge is using the old Ottawa logo now

saw it on Blue Bombers site

[url=] ... pic=1669.0[/url]

That seals it then. Ottawa Rough Riders will be the new (old) name. No more debating it.



Tony G, everytime I see tht photo of yours, it's so vivid in my mind and it's like it happened just yesterday. Love that picture, classic Canadiana sports history all the way!!

It certainly was a highlight for me so many years ago. I can even tell you where I was sitting and who was in the room with me when it happened. It took everyone completely by surprise. It does feel like it was just yesterday.

Hopefully Ottawa fans will get to experience more Grey Cup wins by our own team in the near future. It'll be great to hear those horns honking again on Bank Street.

Here's a clip of that famous 'catch' if you'd like to relive it again:

That Logo is CFL Property...
I am sure the CFL Will go after who using it if they did not buy it.

After the Horn Chin Lost Ottawa
He kept the logo and Ran.
after that CFL made Moves to Protect the Logos making Them CFL Property

Chen has indicated that buying or using the name, which he still owns, will not come cheaply

And every time I see it I throw up a little in my mouth and then swallow it again for lack of toilet.


there is also the Lubbock Renegades of the AF2, AFL development league. though i don't think the logo is close.