Ottawa - Lions Thread

Question is, which of these teams will rebound after being humiliated on their own turf .

Strange thing about the Lions is they play better on the road than they do at home. :?

I think the key for both these teams is a fast start.

These are not teams good for comebacks.

Looks like cool weather. I love the stadium location in Ottawa. A 15 minute walk from EVERYWHERE.

Pretty good game for a low scoring affair.

Looks like Orridge "ordered up" a couple early flags for showing emotion to Ottawa players. Just a bit of added punishment for Porky Campbell.

Also, whats up with Marcel Desjardins - looks like he's gotta put himself on the 6 game list. lol

Seriously, looks like he damaged some ligaments. Collapsing in front of 25,000 peeps never a great idea!

Keep thinking the game started at 7 but it started at 7:30.

It has been pretty good so far. Harris is playing well. No significant delays or challenges either. :thup:

Kinda feel sorry to see Lulay as a permanent backup now. Wonder if he'll ever start for another team in the coming years. Though injury prone, he's still only 32.

Can almost see this game as a forebearer of this year's Grey Cup.

East should come down to Ottawa vs. Hamilton - can't decide whether the 3rd place interloper will be Argos or Als. Ricky has some ground to make up - just can't see either team overcoming adversity vs. Ottawa or Hammy.

BC could be the surprise out of the west. Obviously, we'd need a minor choke job from the Stamps but that's something they've specialized in during their "dynasty" period.

Edmonton will always be game - especially with Reilly at the controls but they'll need to re-package a defense.

Winnipeg will try to interlope but they're on a high-wire with Matt "Wallenda" Nichols. Drew Willy is basically a tallish cash withdrawal terminal.

These are top tier teams. Well played.
Really like Lions commitment to the run

Lulay is damaged goods. He's good at carrying the clipboard - and I'm sure he's great in the room. But he's basically being paid to stand around - the Lions are doomed if he has to start more than 2 or 3 games. By the time he's 33 or 34 he'll be an assistant coach in the league - probably getting paid around the same level as he's inhaling as a caddy. I'm sure Wally might groom him as an OC, potential head coach in 3 or 4 years.

The 3rd place interloper could be a West crossover.

No matter his quirks and idiosyncracies there's no denying Wally Buono's formulas and abilities are both solid and proven.

If Jennings can deliver the goods - this team can put a full court press on the stampeders.

Wally's D is doing a nice job suppressing Harris in his return to coronation street.

Could very well be, I agree. Wpg. has to hang in with Edmonton and BC in the chase for the 2nd and 3rd spots in west conference. I see no reason Edmonton and BC won't end up with 10 to 12 Ws - the bombers are on course for 9 Ws - and if Nichols remains solid and upright the bombers could slither out 10 or 11 Ws - which would probably end them 4th in west - but I can't see Argos or Montreal having more than 9 wins. In fact many predict Toronto won't have more than 7 wins, Also will be somewhere 7 to 9 wins.

So true. Buono has such a trademark to his teams.

Ottawa D taking out their GM's knee. How's that for karma

Unforgivable fumble ! You can't can't carry the ball like a loaf of bread at that point in the game !

Comedy of errors with Arceneaux and Harris both doing their best to bumble the game away.

Mishandled snaps happen , just an awful time for that to happen. Arceneaux not protecting the ball when it’s safely in his arms is bush !

These good fans deserve better. Porky Campbell's coaching and some gawdawful ball-handling are costing the Redblacks . . . .

I suspect Porky will go into Mike O'Stoic mode and let Trevor Harris finish the game - win or lose! Even with Harris having a rough outing!

I love the ORR D!!!