Ottawa Lansdowne pics taken by me

I am standing outside Lansdowne right this second. Here is the view from here:

I'm going to continue walking around here and see if I can take pictures from other angles.

Ask them if you can climb that crane and take some pics from there.
How is the urban village coming along?

I'll answer that with pictures:

We stopped for lunch at 'original burger joint', then I'll go look for more places to take pictures from.

Are these guys rolling or what ! :thup:

I thought the stadium construction in Hamilton was looking busy. Wow, Lansdowne is coming along great. Great pictures drummer_god.

Thanks. Just returning the favor, rawmeat1000’.
I’m glad I got to see this, as I will appreciate it more when I take in a game here next season.

I could only follow IGF’s construction by webcam, but it was still neat to finally watch a game there.

Yes. Thanks for posting these pics DG. Now that's what I call "on the scene" reporting!

Took a few more. The second picture is a jump shot, so it's not the greatest. Had to leap with my arm in the air to get it above a fence. the third shows the new concrete on the north side :

“And this is the security guard that escorted me off the premises” :lol:

I’m at work and some aren’t appearing for me, so I look forward to getting home and checking out the rest. Thanks! :thup:

Looks like she's going up pretty quickly. Thanks for sharing these pics!

What picture was that didn't see to many people in any picture.

Good pictures DG, you keep making us Argo fans envious first with the new Peg stadium and now this.
We have nothing to look forward to here in the big smoke!

I know. It’s a depressing time right now.
Everyone else is getting Shiny new digs with great vantage points, and the argos are stuck in the dump.
I can’t wait until the argos have a stadium announcement of their own to make.

I hope it's true the latest how Mr. Braley has no intention of selling to that crooked corporation and is actively discussing with 3 municipalities with a view of building a stadium.