Ottawa - Jesse Palmer

He's 35.

And making lots of money doing his TV stuff down south.

Is he really? Wow. How time flies.

Did someone make an enquiry about this somewhere?
I don't understand the point of this thread.

Can’t do any worse.

Lol he's making so much money broadcasting college football. He probably doesn't even remember how to throw a football. The guy would look more comfortable back on the Bachelor than in the CFL.

Canadian quarterbacks don't count against the National quota, for those of you who didn't know that.

So what about Michael O'Connor in a few years time?? He's from Ottawa and the only Canadian QB playing in the NCAA and it's not a minor level college it's - Penn State
He's 6'5" 223lbs - a rookie so he won't take over as a starter for a year or two. He had to move to a US school for his last two years so he could get a chance at a scholarship. All kinds of NCAA offers and he chose Penn State

[url=] ... oconn.html[/url]