Ottawa jerseys

This is my first time posting in the Ottawa forum. I have my own website, and I have redesigned all the CFL gear that RBK did, and I think I improved it in a lot of cases, by reconfiguring existing pictures’ colours. If you are interested to see what I did for Ottawa or any other team, please see I’m looking forward to reading comments.

Their great, but, PUT THEM IN RED AND GOLD!!! with a Gold Helmet, see 1994 for details.

the third can say in Red, Black, Gold, and silver, with Black Helmets with R's on them.

and it's go to go!

ugly. They should have just kept the old ones

KK, for the 156,975th time, the new Ottawa team will not have gold in their uniforms.

If anything other than Red and Balck as main colours, there'll be rioting in the streets. :lol: