ottawa is worst sports city?

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Ottawa: Canada's worst sports town?
Disclaimer: I am not writing this from Toronto.

I live and work in Ottawa. I do my grocery shopping at Farm Boy, I listen to Lowell Green on the radio, I get frustrated that there is no exit for Bank St. off the Queensway and just like you, I'm wondering when the O-Train will arrive in Barrhaven.

Okay, now that I've firmly established myself as a true resident of Ottawa, I would like to pose a question to you.

Do we live in the worst sports city in the country?

Let's review the facts:

  1. We currently have no CFL football team and we have a built-in excuse of perpetually poor ownership.

  2. We will lose our Triple-A baseball team next summer because most bridal shows have better attendance.

  3. Our NHL team, which has been the most exciting for the past few seasons, has the lowest season ticket base of any Canadian team.

Now before you start throwing your Beaver Tails in my general direction, please read further.

There are thousands of great sports fans in Ottawa. I am not trying to offend those loyal ticket buyers in the city. In terms of die-hard fans, Ottawa certainly has a good core of them. If you are one of those fans, please don't take this personally.

What I'm wondering is: Why are there so few of you out there? Isn't this supposed to be Canada's fourth-largest city?

I can't help but wonder what the situation will be here in a few years when the Senators are no longer an elite team in the NHL. If they have the lowest season ticket base
amongst Canadian teams when they have the most entertaining team, what is going to happen when things take a turn for the worse?

Why in the name of Frank Finnigan are we so finicky?

At times, this city appears too conservative to fully invest the emotion that is needed to fully become a great sports city. Maybe it's because we're a government town and everyone is just used to sitting on the fence on political issues that the same mentality has simply trickled into our sporting tastes as well.

I really wanted say this a few months ago, when the Senators knocked out the Lightning in Game 5 of the first round of the playoffs in April. The atmosphere in Scotiabank Place was eerily silent that night.

Had any other city been on the verge of knocking out an opponent in the Stanley Cup playoffs, they would have been wild and on the edge of their seats. In Ottawa, it was as though everyone in attendance would receive a complimentary root canal if the Senators were victorious.

What gives? Is it just me, or do I live in the worst sports city in Canada?

If you are number 1, then I can tell you which is 1a, yes I live in it the Center of the Universe. Toronto is only a Toronto Maple Leaf town. The remaining sports are basically an after thought.

Sorry dude, I live in the worst sports town in Canada. The damn french idiots claim this is a hockey city and they booed there own people out of here(Roy and Theodore). The only reason they praise the HABS is because they understand what the players are saying to the media.The french don't like losers but they continue to cheer for the HABS who havent done anything for 15 years.I know this is a football forum so go Al's go. The french suck for destroying the Expos and Habs.

Excuse me?
You obviously dont know what you are talking about.

Being French has nothing to do with anything here.
Roy gave up something like 6 goals in 10 minutes and cried like a baby when he was pulled....... He demanded that be traded. Theodore could win a game if his life depended on it.
The Expos were ruined by MLB and owners who had that goal in mind.......

As for whether or not someone is French or not......I highly suggest you keep that aspect out of this forum!!!!!

roy didnt cry like a baby....

trembley used to be in radio and always said he disliked when roy had a bad game, he left roy in there as punishment and embarrasement even tho roy wanted to be pulled....

get the story straight....the habs betrayed roy for a coach they fired the next season....what a waste.

no you get the story straight.....
He demanded a trade.....bottom line. Told whats his name he had played his last game in MTL. Sounds like crying(whinning) to me
He jumped ship The previous poster blamed it on the francophones who had nothing to do with it.

Roy got ticked because he wasn't pulled, not because he was.....I'm with drumkit on this one.....

so he "wasn't" pulled!
He is supposed to be a professional is he not????

Bottom line is he demanded a trade and blaming it on the francophone fans is ridiculous

Professional, yes.....but also human.....

.....but I understand the point about the Francophones you're making.....

Not the fans you dummies, the french idots like Tremblay and Serge Savard and Ron Corey and all the morons at RDS who stole the Habs televison rights from CBC french and english.

Whatever, I'm still impressed with Ottawa for hanging onto the Rough Riders for as long as they did - 30-some-odd years of losing football and the worst owners anyone has known.

I had no idea the Senator's season tickets were so low ... that makes no sense to me. They're a good team, an entertaining team ... what gives?

And the fact that they are Francophone is relevant how how?

If the coach and GM were English, and CBC got the rights to Televise from RDS, would you be calling them the English idiots?

You know it's interesting how people forget about 2 successful sports franchaises here in Ottawa.

The Ottawa 67s and les Gatineau Olympiques both have quite the following. Jeff Hunt has turned the 67s into one of the most successful junior teams in the OHL. I've been to 67s games that were sold out, when the Sens were sold out on the same night.
Les Olympiques also have a good following as well.

I've been to quite a few Lynx games as well, and agree that the attendance is quite poor. It seems that this market doesn't enjoy baseball.

I believe that the Sens will do fine if they start to faulter. I can't seem them ever being as bad the Islanders or have the lack of fan support. The Sens have great scouting and will be competitive for years to come. The only thing I can see that will make people stop attending games is the price of seats at the SB place.

As for the CFL in this area. I am rather new to Ottawa being here only since late 2004 (went to the cup that year WOO HOO). I had season tickets in 2005. Although I'm a huge ti-cat fan, I must admit that I feel rather betrayed by the CFL and the ownership that was here.
I found the whole gameday experience, very unprofessional. For example, the programs were abysmal and obvioiusly printed in weeks in advance, and sometimes didn't list people that were suited up for gameday. I spoke to a few people around town that seemed to lothe the Gliebermans and wouldn't support the team just because he was here.
Say what you want about the built in excuse about poor ownership, but when you have an owner that bails right before the season starts, it does make me rather own season tickets to the team right underneath north side. (67s play in a stadium that is underneath the northside grandstand for those who don't know)


I'm from the Sault and am a huge Ted Nolan fan, but the circus there is too much for anybody to overcome.

I believe Ottawa can be a good sports town, and they have to prove it and when they get a CFL franchise back.

Mario Tremblay was a terrible coach of the Habs, and if he pulled St.Patrick when he should have, Roy would have been with Montreal for his whole career. Roy said himself that he regretted making the demand to be traded in a moment of anger. He had every right to be mad, I would have been too if I felt that I was being hung out to dry by a coach as well. Montreal had poor people in the front office in those days, and it showed in the on-ice product.

Finally someone gets it, the french ruined the Habs and I will be damned if they do the same to the Al's(Montreal's #1 sports team) or even the Impact soccer team.

I hate to burst your bubble , but nowhere did I say the French ruined the Habs. All I said was they had poor people in their front office during the mid to late 90's. Do me a favour buddy and dont put words into my mouth.

You are wrong Ottawa is not the worst sports city it's the Best.